VIDEO: The Drip’s “Blackest Evocation”

Out this Friday is a new album on Relapse Records by Richland, Washington’s The Drip called The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability and when you have an album title with more than seven syllables, they mean business. This is the business you’ve been looking for to begin 2017 in a niec manner so check out the first video made for it in the form of “Blackest Evocation”. You can pre-order The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability below via Break out the Spudnuts for these guys.

VIDEO: Magrudergrind’s “Sacrificial Hire”

Relapse Records have another scorcher on their hands and this one is a pure juicer. This one comes from Magrudergrind, whose new album will be out on February 12th called Sacrificial Hire. They’ve made a video for the title track and as you will hear, their complex hybrid of influences is enough to make your brain explode, even if the video lasts only 105 seconds.

AUDIO: Magrudergrin’s “Sacrificial Hire”

Magrudergrin’s new album will not be out until February but after hearing just this one song, this may become one of my favorite albums of the year It has been six years since Magrudergrin released an album but now they’re about to come out with II and “Sacrificial Hire” shows what they have developed into.

SOME STUFFS: King Parrot’s new album streaming a week before release

King Parrot photo KingParrot_old_zpsnii5maoo.jpg
Last week I posted a new video by King Parrot, a song from their forthcoming Agonia Records album Dead Set. Everyone involved now want you to check the album in full. At first it was being promoted as an EP but now it’s a full length, so click to MetalHammer and here what these Australians have to say about things. The album will be out on May 18th in North America.


VIDEO: King Parrot’s “Home Is Where The Gutter Is”

King Parrot photo KingParrot_old_zpsnii5maoo.jpg
They’re a little bit punk, they’re a little bit grind’n’roll, and they are a nice bit of thrash. They are Australian, I can tell you that but I can also tell you this: their name is King Parrot. It’s from their forthcoming EP Dead Set, to be out very soon on Agonia Records. Vinyl junkies will be able to purchase in three different variations, which you can read about here or you can get them digitally, in the virtual world (i.e. MP3’s) or CD.

SOME STUFFS: Australia’s King Parrot on tour in North America in support of forthcoming Agonia album

King Parrot photo KingParrot_old_zpsnii5maoo.jpg
Australian thrash metal/punk/grindcore band King Parrot were at SXSW’s this week for a bit of schmoozing but they’re now on tour throughout North America to hype up the release of theor forthcoming EP Dead Set (Agonia). It will be released in the U.S. on May 19th while Europe will get it a few days earlier on May 15th. Vinyl versions of the album will be made available in three different variations:

  • standard black
  • clear
  • picture disc

    For those who’d like to pre-order the record or whatever other formats you want, click to the following links if you’re from North America, Europe, or Australia. As you glance through the band’s current tour dates, check out the new video for “Like A Rat”, featuring the man who produced their album, Phil Anselmo.

    March 24… Albuquerque, NM (Launchpad)
    March 25… Scottsdale, AZ (Pub Rock Live)
    March 26… San Diego, CA (Casbah)
    March 27… The Complex – Los Angeles, CA (The Complex)
    March 28… Santa Cruz, CA (Catalyst)
    March 29… San Francisco, CA (DNA)
    March 30… Sacramento, CA (Starlite Lounge)
    March 31… Portland, OR (Dante’s)
    April 1… Seattle, WA (Studio Seven)
    April 2… Spokane, WA (The Pin)
    April 3… Boise, ID (Neurolux)
    April 4… Salt Lake City, UT (In The Venue)
    April 5… Denver, CO (Bluebird Theater)
    April 7… Kansas City, MO (Riot Room)
    April 8… Des Moines, IA (Wooly’s)
    April 9… Rock Island, IL (Rock Island Brewing)
    April 10… Grand Rapids, MI (Pyramid Scheme)
    April 11… Chicago, IL (Subterranean)
    April 12… Cleveland, OH (Grog Shop)
    April 13… Brooklyn, NY (Saint Vitus)
    April 14… Burlington, VT (Nectars)
    April 15… Boston, MA (T.T. The Bear’s Place)
    April 16… Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Necktie)
    April 18… Wilmington, NC (Ziggy’s By The Sea)
    April 19… Atlanta GA (The Earl)
    April 20… New Orleans, LA (Blue Nile, Housecore Records Signing Party)

  • SOME STUFFS: Belgian grindcore band Mucus release new demo

     photo Mucus_tapes_zpsofa0eljf.jpg
    The demo was finished late last year but Mucus have a solid release for those who love their grindcore as fast and loud as possible. The tape is called Biesscore From Pollution Of Society For Shit And Prostitution In A Political Chaos In Fucking Anarchy Of Baraki, which is being released through Sick Phoque Records. You can order it by checking out the label’s official Facebook page, or send e-mail to ginzburgfreak [at] hotmail [dot] com.

    SOME STUFFS: Corpse Eater pours out 15 slabs of venom with new effort
    If you know of the name Ron Mortuary Grinder, you may know it for his time with ASHIAIP, Purulent Shitface, or Feasting Blood. This time, Grinder is handling things on his own with a one-man grindcore project and he calls himself Corpse Eater. This German artist had taken time in December and January to put together some raw and rugged music before he came up with enough to release a full album. It’s called Start To Mutilate, 15 songs where the longest one is just under 90 seconds, so you’ll be in and out of this like bacteria. The closing track is a Cannibal Corpse of “A Skull Full Of Maggots”. He also says CD and cassette versions will be released by Rotten Raw Records and Stench Of Carnage respectively, with each limited to only 50 copies.

    VIDEO: Napalm Death’s “Smash A Single Digit”

    Upon looking at a screenshot or a few seconds of this video, you may think the minimalistic animation in “Smash A Single Digit” may not feel like something Napalm Death would be involved with or support but listen to the song, feel the lyrics, and watch the visuals closely. It should be felt after the first viewing and the minimalist approach makes sense. It works well. The song is from their new album Apex Predator – Easy Meat, to be released tomorrow.


    VIDEO: The Drip’s “Siren”

    When you watch a video for song as heavy as that made by The Drip, when it is edited in a certain way, you realize how calm and collected things can be. The song may not be calm and collected at all but it is all in the hands of the editor. I am sure when these guys perform live, it is hectic. Watch “Siren”, a song from their album A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics (Relapse).