VIDEO: Gruesome’s “Dimensions Of Horror”

The men of Gruesome have an EP due out later this month called Dimensions Of Horror (Relapse) and they’re nice enough to create the first video for it, and it’s the title track. The EP will be out on May 20th but the video can be viewed, well, now!
You can also pre-order the EP right now too, head below and hit the cover which will take you to

LYRIC VIDEO: Gruesome’s “Gruesome”

A lyric video that features flesh and maggots? Yes, it’s just a lyric video but it’s a new one from Gruesome with their own eponymous song, taken from their recent album Savage Land (Relapse). If you’re a fan of death metal but miss the style made famous in the mid to late 1980’s, you are going to love what Gruesome do here. Be careful for the maggots on this one.


VIDEO: Gruesome’s “Savage Land”

“Savage Land” is the new album by Gruesome and they decided to make a video for the title track. In truth, the savage land in question brings the people in the video into a world of cannibalism so if you wish to see people eat other people by digging into their flesh and gouging their eyes, press play right now. The footage is taken from various cannibal-related films so if you’re someone who is into a bit of gruesomeness, this one is for you.