VIDEO: Gyasi Ross’ “Marlon Brando”

If you’ve been looking for a spoken word artist to listen to and put some faith on, check out Gyasi Ross. He’s coming out with an album called Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here), which comes from being a Native American in the Pacific Northwest, understanding his surroundings and nearby communities and also letting people know a bit of commonality that perhaps used to exist, or is quickly dissolving in modern times. There are lessons within some cultures that continue to be passed along through ancestors from generation to generation, and it’s something that should not be exclusive to one group if we are ever to become “one world, one people”. The album, which is being released on Cabin Games via Olympia, Washington-based K Records, can be pre-ordered through Amazon below. Until then, check out a song from it called “Marlon Brando”, and if Ross sounds like a cross between KRS-One and Michael Frante, then you may become a fan.