VIDEO: Battle Beast’s “Familiar Hell”

Bringer Of Pain is the forthcoming album by Battle Beast that will be released next month, February 17th to be exact. They’ve made the first video for it, have a look at “Familiar Hell” and perhaps the feelings in the song may be familiar to you.


BOOK REVIEW: “Encyclopedia Of Kiss” by Brett Weiss

Encyclopedia Of Kiss photo KissEncyclo_cover_zpszp3ci03m.jpg Published this past pay, Brett Weiss’ Encyclopedia of KISS: Music, Personnel, Events and Related Subjects (McFarland) is one of the most in-depth and interesting books to cover the world of one of the hottest bands in the land, and of course I speak of Kiss. Like most encyclopedia, it gets into the origins of what helped to form Kiss, where each member came from and pretty much everything that has been part of their path, from the hoopla over the mania that happened in the second half of the 1970’s, the die-down of the hype, the Music From The Elder era and when they decided to remove their make-up in the early 80’s, all of this is mentioned somewhere in the Kiss encyclopedia.

The book is done in alphabetical order by subject and name so if you wish to know a bit more about Paul “Ace” Frehley, you’ll also know about his former wife that he married in 1976 to the daughter they had together. Magazines, tours, endorsements, documentaries, events of interest, they’re pretty much here. Not being a deep Kiss fan as I once was, I couldn’t tell you if this book has anything and everything you could want. You’ll find out about the tour they went on for their Crazy Nights album but you will not see the complete tour itinerary or set-lists to find out if they stayed the same for the entire tour or when there were changes. You are able to find all of that “extra” stuff online and perhaps if you’re a much deeper Kiss fan, you already have links on where to go.

Nonetheless, if you have been looking for everything you could ever want about Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter, Eric, Vinnie, Bruce, and everyone else that has been part of the Kiss empire since the beginning, Encyclopedia Of Kiss is the perfect starting place.

(NOTE: The book now has a new cover in its second edition that was released in August. The new version has a silhouette of Gene Simmons playing bass.)

AUDIO: Red Fang’s “Flies”

Only Ghosts will not be out for another three months but the album is over and Red Fang are probably figuring out how to be goofy in the video for the song that is sure to be visualized because a lot of times when a song surfaces, that will be the first one to be turned into a video, but will it? “Flies” is the song, get a hint for what the album is about and rock out. How about this for a change: don’t be goofy in this video until the last 30 seconds. Be normal for a change, show what Portland rock is, has, and always will be about, honor the power of Poison Idea, Hazel, or The Wipers and rock out without the mock out. Then be a mock again and carry on with your lunatic selves.

Not a good idea? Eh, here’s “Flies” nonetheless, make sure your ears do not bleeze upon listening. The album can be pre-ordered below via

RECORD CRACK: Steve Vai album gets a deluxe treatment in reissue

 photo SteveVai_cover_zpslk51kz7a.jpg
The man known as Frank Zappa’s “stunt guitarist” will have one of his album reissued this year in honor of its 25th anniversary. Passion And Warfare is being released as a double LP and this edition will have four tracks not on the original.

The original album actually came out in 1990 so if we are to get technical, this is the 26th anniversary. However, when the album was released, Relativity Records did press it up on vinyl but it was a 53 minute on a single piece of vinyl, which means the sound quality was a bit compressed in order to fit everything on there. This means the volume on the original vinyl pressing was not as bold or loud as it could have been but the new remaster, being released by the Friday Music label, will fix this. Unlike the original, this new 2LP set will be packaged in a gatefold cover and is being pressed by R.T.I., the plant known for pressing up a number of remasters by people such as Steve Hoffman and Kevin Grey.

The original album will be spread over three sides and Side 4 will be the one with previously unreleased material. Here’s the track listing for Side 4:
1. Lovely Elixir
2. And We Are One (Solo #2)
3. As Above
4. So Below

The 180g audiophile pressing will be out this summer, actual release date to be mentioned very soon.

AUDIO: Mike & The Melvins’ “Chicken n Dump”

18 years ago, Melvins were going to release a collaborative album with bassist Mike Kunka, who had taken a break from GodheadSilo to work with Buzz and Dale. They were that close to releasing it and for whatever reason, nothing was heard from it, not even a single. They all returned to the project last year and decided it would be a very good time to finally have it out so here it is. They’re calling themselves not Mike & Melvins but Mile & The Melvins and the album, due out on April 1st, is called Three Men And A Baby. Despite the release date, this is not a joke, no April fooling here, it will be out on that day. From it is a song called “Chicken n Dump”, which is said to have been written by a 9-year old girl. Well, she was 9 years old at the time but she is now 23 and will hopefully earn whatever royalties an album like this could lead to.

Here’s the track listing. Sub Pop are releasing this one.
1. Chicken n Dump
2. Limited Teeth
3. Bummer Conversation
4. Annalisa
5. A Dead Pile of Worthless Junk
6. Read the Label (It’s Chilli)
7. Dead Canaries
8. Pound the Giants
9. A Friend in Need is a Friend You Don’t Need
10. Lifestyle Hammer
11. Gravel
12. Art School Fight Song

VIDEO: Oceans Of Slumber’s “Suffer The Last Bridge”

Oceans Of Slumber are in the new year and they’re more than ready to release their album for Century Media called Winter, which will be out on March 4th. No word on any tours in support of it, at least not yet but prepare for what’s to come with the video made for “Suffer The Last Bridge”, which means they had taken it to the bridge and turned it into something wonderful.