VIDEO: Rise Of The Northstar’s “Again And Again”

Regardless of the language, solid metal will allow you to get involved within, under, and around the translation while feeling its essence and power, which Rise OF The Northstar have done with their new song “Again And Again”. The album was released this past November, you may check it out by going to below.

VIDEO: Magrudergrind’s “Sacrificial Hire”

Relapse Records have another scorcher on their hands and this one is a pure juicer. This one comes from Magrudergrind, whose new album will be out on February 12th called Sacrificial Hire. They’ve made a video for the title track and as you will hear, their complex hybrid of influences is enough to make your brain explode, even if the video lasts only 105 seconds.

RECORD CRACK: Vinyl reissues on their way for The Dillinger Escape Plan

As fans wait for new music from The Dillinger Escape Plan, you’ll now get a chance to purchase their first three albums on vinyl, as they’re being pressed up in time for the holiday season. Relapse Records will be issuing out records for 1999’s Calculating Infinity, 2004’s Miss Machine, and 2007’s Ire Works. The original vinyl pressings have been long out of print so it’s a chance to get them if you didn’t already but not only that, they are deluxe reissues, meaning each album will have extras that were not on the original pressing. You may pre-order one of them or all three, directly from Relapse.

VIDEO: Twitching Tongues’ “Disharmony”

Rapper Harmony once sang the lyric “Harmony is what you want, Harmony is what you need”, which was both referring to music and herself. How about a bit of “Disharmony”? This is what Twitching Tongues are talking about in the title track of their new album, and the song has been turned into a video as a way for you to check out the album. So go check it. The video was nicely made by director Tyler Bradberry.

RECORD CRACK: Thou and Great Falls honor Shellac on new split 7″

Thou/Great Falls photo ThouGreatFalls_PS2_zpsgdtjekr3.jpg
A new split 7″ single has been released by Thou and Great Falls, and this one is an interesting project. The record has been released by Hell Comes Home and each band covers a Shellac song. To order the record, head over to You can also stream both sides and order it digitally below via Bandcamp.

RECORD CRACK: Chicken Chain offer ridiculous hardcore album

Birth Of The Googus is a new album by a group called Chicken Chain, described as “retarded hardcore kids from Baltimore make a record about chicken sandwiches and shit.“. A hardcore album where one of the songs has to do with a chicken sandwich? Sign me up. The vinyl-only LP is released through Snot Records and the color version buyers will get “just depends”. Only 300 copies have been made so if you want something raw and very fun in the spirit of old punk, pick this up through Snot’s page via Stream the album in full above from Soundcloud.

RECORD CRACK: Last records in Melvins covers tribute singles series to be released

Melvins photo Melvins7-2015_PS_zpsrl7drm19.jpg
If you have been picking up Melvins’ series of 7″ singles on Amphetamine Reptile with the clowns on the cover and were wondering when they were going to release more, there’s two more left and they’ll be out on Monday, March 16th. They are for A Tribute To The Jam and A Tribute To Throbbing Gristle, which now means everything that was on their covers tribute album Everybody Loves Sausages is out in 7″ form. The one for Throbbing Gristle is said to be a 3-song 7″ and will feature “Hamburger City” on the B-side. They will be sold exclusively at AmRep’s Shoxop, which means you’ll have to hurry up pronto.