FREE DL: Forward’s “Infinite Momentum, Infinite Tension”
The title of this new album by Forward is appropriate, telling the story of what you will hear on Infinite Momentum, Infinite Tension. It’s 40 minutes of solid noise, one 20 minute track called “Momentum” and another 20 minute dose called “Tension”, and they may sound endless if you allow it to (or choose to listen to it that way). It goes on and on and on, there isn’t a true beginning or end, it’s nothing but middle noise. If you wish, you can also purchase the album on cassette. Not bad for a project that was created from nothing but analog synthesizers and a broken mixer.

SOME STUFFS: SBTDOH releases new 2-song EP
Looking for another blast of harsh noise wall? You may want to hear a new EP by Milwaukie, Oregon’s SBTDOH. This one is called NUMB #002, a two song EP with “one” and “two” and packed with extremely loud noise and distortion. The cassette pressing is packaged in a plastic baggy. Only 10 copies are being made. For more information on/about SABTDOH, head to his blog.

FREE DL: To The Lovers, Farewell’s “Slice Up Not Across” (EP)
A festival of noise can and will be achieved in this new 3-track EP by To The Lovers, Farewell. It’s a new release on Red Venice Records called Slice Up Not Across, and this one is just nothing but feedback twisted in different ways.

AUDIO: Cum Function’s “Special Reports”
Looking for new noise mayhem in your life? Check out the new album Special Reports by Cum Function out of England. The new project features tracks with titles such as “Most People Are So Fucking Stupid”, “Your Sudden Bowel Evacuation”, “The Destruction Of Satanic Ice Cream”, and “Thug It Out”. Not for the squeamish but if you’re into harsh wall noise, you want it to be grueling. The album is also available as a CD-R by heading here.

FREE DL: Clotting’s “Sensory Secretion”
If you’re into noise and power electronica, you’ll want to save some space for your mind for Clotting, the one man project created by Shea Hardacre. The 4-track Sensory Secretion is perfectly named, as it controls and dominates all senses in order for it to secrete in its own way. The EP has been released on cassette in a very limited edition of 30 copies. You may order it directly from Bandcamp, or e-mail him at sheahardacre [at] gmail [dot] com.

SOME STUFFS: MBD releases new “Fuck Therapy” EP
A unique noise project has been released by MBD, his first project in awhile. The 2-track EP is called Fuck Therapy (Telepathy Recording) and those who want it on hard copy will have the CD-R packaged in a baggie with facial tissues. Only 30 of these packages are being made. You are able to hear both tracks above from Bandcamp, which is where you’ll be able to hear more works from MBD.

SOME STUFFS: Blaring noise from Cleveland in two fold from Leo Brochu

 photo LeoBrochu_covers_zps8071debe.jpg
Leo Brochu has come out with two noise projects in recent weeks, and would like to let everyone know about it. L’ingĂ©nieur aimait trop les chiffres only features two tracks at about six minutes each, and each sound as if a distorted cassette deck was mic’d inside of a basement as he went digging around. Heuristic Analog Rental Meat is a 3-track EP with a number of found sounds and noise that will go in your mind and never escape, so you’ll want to turn it down before playing… or not.

Both are available for free, downloadable in FLAC lossless or MP3’s, via Bandcamp below.

SOME STUFFS: Portland forces the noise with two new albums from SBTDOH

 photo SBTDOH_cover_zpsee7b087e.jpg
The more people look into the dynamics of Portland, Oregon, the more interesting it becomes. For those who are into noise/harsh noise, you always have to keep on looking until you find exactly what you’re looking for, and here’s something that is worth checking out. His name is simply SBTDOH, who has released two brand new cassettes, each one running for 32 minutes, each with two tracks of intense noise, each packaged in a homemade fashion and each being made in only ten copies each. If you already know SDTDOH, these two albums will now lead to a split tape with Vomir to be released later in the year.

To get your copies, check the Bandcamp players for both the Sounds For Mass Extinction and Non-Selective Genocide albums.

RECORD CRACK: Remainderless create utter chaos on debut EP

 photo Remainderless_cover_zps41811f57.jpg
The Oxen label have just released a unique project by Remainderless, described as a collective of composers and performers (Matt Purse, Steve Touchton, and S.R. Cano) who gather for sanity and create sonic insanity. Some of the sounds heard on this EP is piercing and you may turn it off before you can endure it, but maybe you’re someone who can consume the pain. The record is on clear vinyl, three tracks, and it is Remainderless’ first effort as a unit. You may listen to an excerpt below.

SOME STUFFS: Mind-blowing (and sometimes rhythmic) noise from Exiting Blue
You have to love an artist whose main means of distributing his work is doing it digitally, but is willing to press up one (1) cassette copy. This is Exiting Blue and Cassette One, which “was created in FL Studio, with one prized VST synth given a mid eq boost and recorded. Everything else was recorded using Pure Data with basic oscillators , mastered in FL Studio and outputted as .wav or .mp3. There were no analog instruments used in this recording, no bent circuits, no pointless overuse of archaic pedals and certainly no contact mics placed in a fridge, thrown down a mountain and recorded.” It’s not a constant barrage of noise (although it could be), in fact, the space between the noise bursts could easily be used as a means of rhythm of percussion. Curious to see if Exiting Blue wouldn’t mind this album being multi-purpose.