SOME STUFFS: Mutilate yourself in sound, courtesy of Yporhtnasim
Yporhtnasim (say it backward) had finished this EP last summer but didn’t release it until the summer of 2014. Now you’re able to hear this, but can you endure it? It’s called Psalms of Self Mutilation apparently due to how gruesome this may be for some people, as this was allegedly “created to make the most uncomforting sounds as possible. Listeners should have a feeling of sickness, emotion, pain, and hatred as a result. I use samples during the noise to add to this feeling and to get my message across. I don’t like people, I hate mankind, I hate society.”

You are able to download it for free or use the “Name Your Price” option if you wish, but the EP may be best in an analog format, as only 22 cassettes have been made for it. $5ppd within the U.S. $5+$5 Canada, $5+$10 the rest of the world. For more information, send e-mail to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

SOME STUFFS: New tape from Vargrwulf

If harsh noise is your thing, you’ll want to pick up the new 30 minute cassette by Vargrwulf. It’s said to be “one live track recorded direct to tape in summer of 2014″, which wasn’t that long ago (it might have happened last night)” and that the piece is “inspired by the landscape and figure studies of the painter Balthus.” You may listen to a brief excerpt above. For ordering information, e-mail harshhumanignorance [at] gmail [dot] com.

FREE MP3 DL: Extreme Volume Pop’s “Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be”

 photo ExtremeVolumePop_cover_zps76717f9e.jpg
Unreleased until two years after the fact, Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be is a 5-track mega-burst of noise/harsh-noise, which means you’ll want to turn this down very much before pressing play. The album includes a massive 25-minute clusterfuck “Never Is”, which is sure to throw you out of your house or apartment immediately. The entire album is available as a free download.

SOME STUFFS: Trocomordedor releases new works on Floppy Kick

 photo Trocomordedor_cover2_zps71e46432.jpg
The sound of Chilean harsh noise is the subject of the new release on the floppy disk label Floppy Kick. Mundo Payaso 悪質な by Trocomordedor is a project that will be hand-numbered in a limited edition of only 18 diskettes. For more information, head to the Floppy Kick website. You may explore some of Trocomordedor’s other works by moving over to their official Bandcamp page.

 photo Trocomordedor_cover_zps21122d0d.jpg

RECORD CRACK: Torturing Nurse, ZZ merge for a limited edition lathe

 photo TorturingNurseZZ_PS_zpsb130162e.jpg
Noise As A Gradual Process is a process you’ll hear on this brand new split 7″ lathe between Torturing Nurse and ZZ. Only 20 copies of this 7″ clear vinyl lathe have been made. The description of the sounds read like this:
My parts were made entirely from tape loops and reel to reel machines. all of the loops were destroyed during tracking, but I’ve included little pieces of the 1/4″ tape loops in each of my copies.

The cost of this will be 25 Euros plus cost of shipping. For information on availability and shipping costs, e-mail
junkyyy [at] hotmail [dot] com.

RECORD CRACK: Torturing Nurse release limited edition 5″ lathe

 photo TorturingNurse_cover_zps04b28457.jpg
A new project by China’s Torturing Nurse has been released, this one as a 5″ lathe cut on clear vinyl. Only 20 copies of 1 vs. 1 have been pressed, and will go for about 20 Euros, before the cost of shipping. If you’re interested in this, you’ll want to inquire through junkyyy [at] hotmail [dot] com about availability and where to send payment.

To check out more photos of the record/lathe, click here. Some of the images may be considered too graphic for some, so you have been warned.

FREE DL: Zero Gravity Funeral’s “Perfect Mutation”

 photo ZeroGravitiy_cover_zps5779f66d.jpg
Matt Bennett is here as Zero Gravity Funeral and a new 1-track release called “Perfect Mutation”, a 21-minute means of noisy solitude. It is as dark as the cover, it is as dark as the throat of the beast, it is dark.

RECORD CRACK: The Rita releases brand new 3LP box set

 photo TheRita_cover_zps491ecd68.jpg
At War With False Noise collaborated with Italian label Urashima to release this 3-record box set by noise artist The Rita. Apparently the guy behind At War With False Noise had wanted to do a project with The Rita (a/k/a Sam McKinlay) for a long time but feared that it would lead to a negative answer. When he made an attempt, The Rita said yes. Escorting is “dedicated to the seedy underbelly of the sex trade” and features graphics that highlight this. The album is said to feature possible collaborations with Mania, Caligula031, and Concern, but at this time it is unknown if they met face to face, traded digital filee, or The Rita simply used their works to add within his own. Escorting can be considered part of a means of continuity for The Rita, and his explorations on the subject at hand go further with this one.

To find out on how to buy your copy from the UK, head to At War With False Noise. U.S. residents may want to go through Skeleton Dust: whiteheatnoise [at] yahoo [dot] com.

SOME STUFFS: Fecalove releases a peculiar extremely limited edition of a new recording

 photo Fecalove_cover_zps294f374a.jpg
This has to be one of the more unusual pressings of any audio project I have heard of, and it comes from someone who goes by the name of Fecalove. Sounds Of Love (Turgid Animal) is a 4-track EP clocking in at around 12 minutes, but the cassette pressing comes as two-separate C6 cassettes, similar to obtaining two cassette singles. The tapes also come with latex gloves that were used in a Fecalove live performance, along with a printed insert and an original 10×15 oil painting of what he calls his “relaxed, wormish cock“. How many copies of this limited edition cassette package are being made? One. Uno. ‘ekahi.

I am uncertain if there is any substances on the latex gloves, but you may inquire. This is Italian insanity but the special tape package will go for 666 Norwegian Kroner plus shipping. You can e-mail gurkeroboter [at] gmail [dot] com for ordering and payment information. For those who simply want to hear the tracks without having it as a hard copy, it is streaming at Bandcamp below.