VIDEO: Has-Lo & Castle’s “Famished”

If you didn’t know, Has-Lo and Castle has a new album on Mello Music Group called Live Like You’re Dead so as you’re living/dying, you may/may not want to take a listen to one of its songs, “Famished”. Safe to say, it’s best that you be alive to take a listen, it wouldn’t be helpful if you’re unable to smile after checking it out. Pat Murray directed this one.


FREE DL: Has-Lo & Castle’s “Dā€‹.ā€‹Lā€‹.ā€‹S.”
Mello Music Group are releasing a new track, a collaboration between Has-Lo and Castle that will be a part of their album due on July 29th (a month from now) called Live Like You’re Dead. From it comes a song called “D.L.S.”, which will make you wish more mainstream hip-hop was on this level. You can also thank producer Arcka for putting this juicer together.