AUDIO: Finale featuring Kenn Starr & Hassaan Mackey’s “7 Days (Saukrates Remix)”

Check this out here, although the subject line may be good enough for you: Finale. Got it? Okay. Now, the song itself is a remix, this one done by Saukrates. I know, you’re ready to press play and you may already have pressed it by now but wait a minute: the song also features Hassaan Mackey. You want more? Kenn Starr. Did your head burst yet? If not, you may press play now.

(feat. Kenn Starr & Hassaan Mackey) [SAUKRATES REMIX]

FREE MP3 DL: DJ Soko featuring Guilty Simpson & Hassaan Mackey’s “Stand Up”

DJ Soko will be releasing his debut album on August 21st called Domino Effect (Left Of Center) and if this song is any indication of how the rest of the music will be, the title will be appropriate. He brought in Hassaan Mackey and Guilty Simpson to create “Stand Up” and you’re able to download this for free, while supplies last.

AUDIO: Audible Doctor’s “Can’t Keep The People Waiting” (EP)

The Audible Doctor released an EP earlier this week and you can have a listen to it in full right here, in the form of Can’t Keep The People Waiting. It’s eight songs of newness featuring the likes of Guilty Simpson, Consequence, Astro, Hassaan Mackey, John Robinson, and Bumpy Knuckles. Listen to it and if it grooves with you, you may buy it via iTunes.

AUDIO: Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey’s “Hassaan Be Rappin”

When Hassaan be rapping, you want to let everyone know what they do not know. Kev Brown did this in “Hassaan Be Rappin'”, with the Hassaan in question being Hassaan Mackey, and if you miss rappers who have that monotone style in the vein of Rakim or Guru, then press play on this baby. This will appear on their That Grit min-album due out on November 4th via Ill Adrenaline/Low Budget.

SOME STUFFS: The Audible Doctor’s “The Summer Tape” EP released today

Originally planned for a July 16th release, its two week delay has finally lead to the day of the release of The Summer Tape EP by The Audible Doctor. Some of the people contributing to the EP include Davenport Grimes, Guilty Simpson, Oddisee, Hassaan Mackey, Edo G, Kurious, Chaundon, and Francesca. You can purchase it digitally through Bandcamp. A cassette version has been made and will feature a non-digital bonus track that features Homeboy Sandman & Del The Funky Homosapien. This will be made available through Fat Beats.

AUDIO: The Audible Doctor featuring Oddisee & Hassaan Mackey’s “The Vibe”

 photo AudibleDocTST_cover_zps8ad550bf.jpg
Need some summer music? You may want to consider checking out the new one by The Audible Doctor, an EP appropriately titled The Summer Tape. “The Vibe” is one of the songs on it and features Oddisee and Hassaan Mackey. As for the graphic on the cover, it consists of ice cubes melting on a simmering sidewalk. Rosie Perez’s breasts are optional.

The rest of the EP, to be released in full on July 16th, also features Del The Funky Homosapien, Homeboy Sandman, Guilty Simpson, and Edo G among others.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Def Dee featuring yU and Hassaan Mackey’s “Numb Again”

Def Dee
See him sitting in the Seattle Center with the Space Needle in the background? That’s Def Dee, and he has an album coming out on Mello Music Group called 33 an’a third. “Numb Again” is a track from the album, and it features yU and Hassaan Mackey dropping some rhymes on it, offering a bit of old school flavor with vinyl surface noise and tape hiss, and once yU and Hassaan drop lyrics, you want to step back and go “oh, what is this?” This is producer Def Dee, and he represents the 206. You’re welcome.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sean Born featuring Hassaan Mackey’s “Bullshit”

A morsel of what’s to come from Sean Born‘s forthcoming album, Behind The Scale, this is the Kev Brown-produced “Bullshit”, featuring Hassaan Mackey. Stop fighting that feeling, and listen, and of course download for free, courtesy of Mello Music Group.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey’s “The Official Daily Bread Mixtape” mixed by House Shoes

New mixtape situation from Apollo Brown from Hassaan Mackey as they unite in The Official Daily Bread Mixtape. This one was organized by House Shoes, to take a listen, click the player below. To download it as MP3’s, FLAC lossless, or other digital formats of your personal preference, you can access the link with the player below or simply click here.