VIDEO: Henry Canyons’ “C’est La Vie”

Henry Canyons says it’s life and what’s life? THAT is life, as he says in his new song called “C’est La Vie” because that’s just the way it goes, you know? This is from his album Canyonland so if you have it already but were hoping for this to be visualized, here it is.

VIDEO: Henry Canyons featuring Zoe Rose’s “Dis Moi”

Henry Canyons’ album Canyonland was released last week and from it is a very cool video for one of its songs, “Dis Moi”. It features vocalist Zoe Rose, the vibe of the song is nice which flows well with the mood of the video. Be moved by the video and if it moves you, check out the full album below.

AUDIO: Henry Canyons’ “I Wanna”

Henry Canyons hasn’t dropped his new album yet and yet three singles have dropped from it, you are about to witness the fourth. “I Wanna” is the latest effort from the man, a song from a project he did with Keor Meteor called Canyonland that will drop next week Tuesday (Backwoodz Studioz). The good man Willie Green mastered this, so listen to it and hear the end results. You may pre-order it below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Corina Corina featuring Henry Canyons’ “I Can’t Resist”

Vocalist Corina Corina released a new album yesterday called The Free Way and from it, a track she did with Henry Canyons called “I Can’t Resist”, and they’re hoping once you listen to it, you can resist its charm either. Have a watch and listen, let it effect you in the right way.