SOME STUFFS: Fall tour dates for Hey Anna

Hey Anna photo HeyAnna_old_zpsgm4whnbz.jpg
The good folks of Hey Anna will be rocking out throughout North American in the second half of October going through the first half of November, and they’re doing so by taking on the opening slot for The Boxer Rebellion’s tour.

October 19… San Francisco, CA (The Independent)
October 21… Portland, OR (Doug Fir Lounge)
October 22… Seattle, WA (The Crocodile)
October 23… Vancouver, BC (Biltmore Cabaret)
October 25… Salt Lake City, UT (The State Room)
October 26… Denver, CO (Bluebird Theater)
October 28… St. Paul, MN (Turf Club)
October 29… Chicago, IL (Lincoln Hall)
October 31… Toronto, ON (Mod Club Theater)
November 1… Montreal, QC (Bar le Ritz PDB)
November 2… Cambridge, MA (The Sinclair)
November 3… Brooklyn, NY (Music Hall of Williamsburg)
November 5… New York, NY (The Bowery Ballroom)
November 6… Washington, DC (U Street Music Hall)
November 9… Atlanta, GA (Terminal West)
November 10… Nashville, TN (Mercy Lounge)
November 11… Birmingham, AL (Saturn Birmingham)
November 12… New Orleans, LA (Gasa Gasa)
November 14… San Antonio, TX (Paper Tiger)
November 15… Austin, TX (The Parish)
November 18… Phoenix, AZ (The Crescent Ballroom)
November 19… Los Angeles, CA (Teragram Ballroom)

SOME STUFFS: Hey Anna shows this week in the east

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If you’re an east coast Hey Anna fan, you’ll want to be sure to see them this week when they’ll be joined with the band Stone Cold Fox. Tickets are relatively cheap so if you can head out, please do. Bring a friend as well.

June 9… Asbury Park, NJ (Wonder Bar; Doors 7:30 pm, $10)
June 10… Philadelphia, PA (Milkboy; Doors 8:00 pm, $10)
June 11… Millerton, NY (Spring for Sound, NXNE Relay Stage, 7:15pm)

VIDEO: Hey Anna’s “Anaphaze”

Hey Anna – Anaphaze (Official Video) from Hey Anna on Vimeo.

If you’ve been paying attention in the last few weeks, you may have seen some posts about a group called Hey Anna. Their new album is called Run Koko and it’s partly why I posted about them, that and they make some damn good music. Now you can watch one of their damn good videos. Well, okay, it’s a good video, whether or not it’s damn good is up to you but that’s why you’re here.

The band also have some shows that will wrap up the summer quite nicely, two of which are all ages shows. Plan accordingly:

August 28… Portsmouth, NH (The Press Room (21+))
August 29… Portland, ME (Bayside Bowl (all ages))
September 2… New Haven, CT (Bar (21+))
September 4… Asbury Park, NJ (The Saint (21+))
September 5… Stroudsburg, PA (The Living Room) (all ages)

SOME STUFFS: New album from Hey Anna released today

Hey Anna photo HeyAnna_old_zpsrgc5adjf.jpg
Run Koko is the new album by the rock quintet known as Hey Anna and if you have any sense of goodness (and of course a bit of good taste in music), you will definitely want to check this out. 13 brand new songs, not one of them “weak sauce”. You may stream it below via Bandcamp and buy it digitally or on CD.

AUDIO: Hey Anna’s “Move Your Body”

Hey Anna photo HeyAnna_old_zpsal1svazu.jpg
Last time I posted about Hey Anna, I hadn’t heard anything new from them in two years. This time, it’s only a month, which must mean the new album is just around the corner. Run KoKo will be released on July 7th and you may check out another song from it to give you incentive to want to pick it up. This is called “Move Your Body” and if it does, shake it wherever you listen to music, be comfortable with it.

AUDIO: Hey Anna’s “Dance Until Three”.

Hey Anna photo HeyAnna_old_zpsal1svazu.jpg
The last time I featured Hey Anna on was in 2013, so I’m glad they have returned, or at least they have done some new things to where I’m able to present them to you again. One of those “new things” is an album scheduled for release in the summer called Run KoKo and you can have a listen to the very energetic “Dance Until Three”, which sounds like a song that is perfect not only for the spring, but awesome for the summer season on the way. What is wrong with dancing until three, so this could be a massive seasonal hit, make it happen.

VIDEO: Hey Anna’s “Dance Until Three”

If you’re outside, you may have the motivation to dance. Well, maybe not in some of the cold weather some of us in the northern hemisphere are going through but maybe the freezing temperatures will drive you to find a way to warm up. Here’s one possible way to do it: “Dance Until Three”, the latest video from Hey Anna. Groove with them at home or at the workplace.

REVIEW: Hey Anna’s “Pompette” (EP)

 photo HeyAnna_cover_zps2836a016.jpg Pompette is a very nice 4-song EP by Hey Anna. They are a group fronted by three vocalists, all of whom are sisters: Anna Rauch-Sasseen (who also plays guitar and keyboards), Katie Rauch-Sasseen (who also plays bass), and Erin Rauch-Sasseen (who, like Anna, plays guitar and keyboards). The rest of the band consists of Matthew Langner on drums and Andrew Smolin on guitar and together, they create the kind of sweet wholesome pop that’s on the verge of bubbling towards greatness. To be honest, the greatness that I hear is already there, and the music is fun. Songs likes “Dance Until Three” and “Tim McQue” show a group who are about celebrating the richness of youth and feeling good about one another and the world. The intro to “Pia”, where it’s a nice bass and drum groove with a guitar melody playing over it while a synth gets psychedelic and trippy, shows what they’re capable of doing to pull in the listener, but it’s everything else after the intro that will turn casual listeners into a fan, as they have a great sense of pop craftsmanship, displayed over hearty pop and rock rhythms. While part of their style of singing may lead some to call it dreamy, concentrate on the content of the lyrics to get a true feel of what is being said and not so much how. The EP ends in a bit of laid back rock balladry with “Superglue”, where you are able to hear the fullness of these siblings singing in those harmonies you may only hear in country groups, but to hear it in this musical context is quite refreshing, and as for the songs? All are ready made to be heard by wider audiences, as they are accessible and have the kind of lasting power that could help Hey Anna as a group take off to new places. New places only means new stories to tell in future projects, so may they venture forward to new lands as fans get a chance to get familiar with the band.