AUDIO: Sacred Climax’s self-titled album

What does a Sacred Climax sound like, and can a climax be that sacred? By having it or creating it, is it the ultimate conquest of man or woman? If you are into harsh noise wall, power electronics or the experimental in all of its variations, you’ll want to check out this album. Digitally it’s available now but a limited edition cassette pressing will be out on March 10th, with each copy being made with sexually explicit cover art and graphics, that kind of stuff you block your wife or girlfriend from. Or perhaps she’s the one doing the searching, you know your own browser history. Nonetheless, have a sacred climax with Sacred Climax and have deafening fun.

SOME STUFFS: New project from Servant Girl Annihilator

If you know who Tanner Garza is, you may be familiar with his band Black Leather Jesus or some of his solo work. He is now getting into the noisy side of things with his new project, Servant Girl Annihilator. He has a new album available on cassette called Soft White Damn and this one can be purchased in two different ways:

  • regular cassette tape
  • deluxe version, which is the tape packaged in an old VHS case that expands the artwork seen on the tape cover, a mini poster, a Lost Light Records patch, and a CD3 (3 inch CD) exclusive to the deluxe edition. You can stream the album below via Bandcamp but in order to hear the CD3, you have to buy the deluxe as it is not being streamed.

    As for Lost Light, they are a label up in Spokane and if you’d like to hear more from them, head to their official Bandcamp page.

  • AUDIO: FeverHouse’s “The Tourist Trap”

    From Alabama, although after hearing it, you could say it may be from anywhere imaginable, is a track by FeverHouse called “The Tourist Trap”. If you are a fan of harsh noise wall, this one goes on for 18 minutes, and it is a nice piece of meat that may deafen you or anyone listening within the vicinity. Enter at your own risk.

    SOME STUFFS: Fanaticism introduce maniacal sounds from Australia

    Fanaticism are a brand new Australian label that have released three albums as their debut recordings, and not one of them sounds the same. The one I chose to present is from an artist named Yirat HaShem so for those who love harsh noise wall, for a bit of that extreme experimental/avant-garde beauty, you’ll want to check this out. Only two tracks are listed but each run close to half an hour. You can stream it in full but do consider buying it if it suits your fancy.

    SOME STUFFS: Split tape between Piss Junkie and Eating Scabs For Protein

     photo PissJunkie_cover_zps2ewqtmfl.jpg
    It has been described as “crushing Harsh Noise vs. Filthy Noisecore” so if you’re going to get it, make sure you get it good. It’s a new split cassette by Piss Junkie and Eating Scabs For Protein, released by the Portland, Oregon label GCP Tapes and Noise. The cassette is only #4 US so get one for yourself and perhaps another for family and friends, only 50 copies have been made. You may order by clicking here.

    AUDIO: Conspirator’s “Lie, Cheat, Kill”
    For you harsh noise wall fiends, something new from Australia by Conspirator called Lie, Cheat, Kill. It features two tracks, both running at 10 minutes each, and is available on cassette as well as digital from Bandcamp.

    FREE DL: Extreme Volume Pop’s “Jazz Cocoon”
    Here’s the story that goes with this release:

    Last night, was eating a cousin’s “pie.” (Sex) Offered to go back in the back room and get another pan of her pie. (Sex) Was told by my Aunt that this was tantamount to going and bringing in her old lady bloomers for all to see. (Sex) Pie was in a tin pan, partly eaten, crusty. (Sex)

    Later, we went on a trip to the supermarket (of sex?). Surrounding the parking lot was a vast, oddly-shaped swimming pool, or series of them (baptism, rebirth). It looked as if it were going to rain (ancient Babylonians thought that rain was the semen of the god Baal).
    Somewhere along the line, a quite dapper Twenties lothario in a gambling casino (ala’ Dr. Mabuse), suggests that the poker game consists of “tender hands on the outside, something something (I can’t quite remember), on the inside.” He throws back his head, lifts his own white gloved hands, laughs his tight, angular-jawed laugh.
    And somehow this is all related to sex.

    What does it mean? Does “it” refer to sex just as Mike Patton said what was “it” in Faith No More’s “Epic”? I can’t begin to tell you, but Jazz Cocoon is a melange of something, which may involve it or just a little (b)it. Allow it to zest you up.

    SOME STUFFS: Vault recording from En Nihil is released for first time

    Dead Frequency (Danver State Recordings) is an album by En Nihil that was meant to be released five years ago as a way to show the return of his explosive audio destruction, but the project was put to the side and left along. It was then decided to release it in 2014, so here it is, for fans of harsh noise wall/experimental/avant-garde. A cassette version has been made for it, only 50 copies have been made. You may stream an excerpt from the album above.

    AUDIO: God Cage’s “Ante Mortem”
    An interesting project of mind-bending noise has been released by God Cage. The Ante Mortem EP is 4-tracks and whiel you are able to listen to it in full through Bandcamp, a CD pressing has been made, sold in a DVD case with different inserts inside. Only 20 copies of these have been made. Find out more by clicking the Bandcamp page