REVIEW: Hoax Hunters’ “Comfort & Safety”

 photo HoaxHunters_cover_zps8344a6cf.jpg Hoax Hunters sound like a band who listened to the good stuff out of bands, songs, and albums, and approach their own style with a “no bullshit whatsoever” approach, as they show on Comfort & Safety (Cherub/Negative Fun). They play rock as if the world was going to end in four minutes or less and when it doesn’t, they rock it out again. It’s like grunge without the glam or fame, or punk rock without the glamour or facades. When they do get melodic and technical, it only draws you in towards the harder parts of a song, and you can’t wait until they blow shit up and get distorted. Comfort & Safety is something that happens rarely on the album, or at least things are under control for the most part until they let the floor below them crumble and forget the risks involved. They are very tight but when the openness comes through, you just want to swim and dwell in their ocean until they throw a bottle in your face.


SOME STUFFS: Hoax Hunters share song from debut album

 photo HoaxHunters_old_zpsd20a3576.jpg
They’re called Hoax Hunters and they’ve written, recorded and released a song called “Hoax Hunters”. Like Iron Maiden, Visage, and Icehouse, Hoax Hunters have not named their debut album Hoax Hunters but rather Comfort & Safety (Negative Fun). The band out of Richmond, Virginia have posted the song over at, so head there and take a listen. Vinyl pressing (available in two different color variations) can be pre-ordered by heading to Negative Fun Records.