FREE MP3 DL: Hodgy Beats & Don Cannon’s “Dena Tape 2”

The OFWGKTA is making themselves known for the first time in 2015 and they’re starting off the year with a mixtape project from Hodgy Beats and Don Cannon. This one is called Dena Tape 2 and features assistance from Domo Genesis and Hit-Boy and production from Left Brain, Hit-Boy, Sap, and Marvel Alexander.

SOME STUFFS: Pharrell Williams to head line this year’s Camp Flog Gnaw

 photo CampFlogGnaw3rd_poster_zps2dfe9f38.jpg
The 3rd Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Festival has been announced, with tickets to be made available to the public tomorrow (Friday, August 8th) and what you see is not a joke: Pharrell Williams will be headlining this year, hat and all. Also scheduled to attend include people like Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, MURS, Rick Ross, Mac Miller, and such Odd Future folks like Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, The Internet, Domo Genesis, and many more. Early bird tickets can be purchased directly from Camp Flog Gnaw.

Oh yeah: as for where it will be, it’ll be held again at The Park at Los Angeles Coliseum on November 8th.

REVIEW: MellowHype’s “Insa”

 photo MellowHype_cover_zpscc860fac.jpg Left Brain and Hodgy Beats are back again as MellowHype with what’s being called a free album because it is. Insa sounds as prime as a professionally released album, so if you’re someone who loves the MellowHype way of life, this new album will thrill you out in a mega-way. Left Brain’s productions are very much on the outside of the mainstream, which makes it sound incredible. I really love “Bars” and the droning echo that runs throughout, how it sounds as if one is in a metal room and are unable to decide if it’s a nuisance or if it is exciting. The guitar work is basic but could easily appeal to rock fans, and the song could have turned a different way too. “Dunita” sounds like something you’d expect to hear on a Christopher Cross or album on CTI Records circa 1979. The 7th song is called “7” and could be a reference to the spiritual, mathematics, or the sum of what is being equated. What makes Insa work, and what makes much of Odd Future’s output work is that they know how to create something with little to know samples and it still doesn’t sound as if something is missing. MellowHype is so full of content and value that it will become an album you’ll want to listen many times, especially to catch what Hodgy Beats is saying, just in case he may be pulling doubles on you.

(Insa is available as a free download by heading to

SOME STUFFFS: MellowHype released a free album last week

 photo MellowHype_cover_zps550e86ec.jpg
If you’re a devotee of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All empire, you already know this but if not, listen up. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain are back together again as MellowHype and they released a new album on the 4th of July called I Need Some Answers (Odd Future). My review of it is coming very soon, but this basically means you have to snatch and get this album right now, it is a must. Head to and download it pronto.

SOME STUFFS: Stream new album, watch new video by MellowHigh

Extinguisher from MellowHigh on Myspace.

You get the Left Brain, move to the right and you get Domo Genesis, go right in the middle to find Hodgy Beats, and it remains Odd Future and its forever growing stems. As MellowHigh, the crew have new music and shows to come but for now, you can watch their brand new video for “Extinguisher”, which is hot like fire similar to Aaliyah.

You want to hear the album right now? You got it.

Goon’n from MellowHigh on Myspace.

AUDIO: Mellowhigh’s “Extinguisher”

We’re about two weeks away from the release of Mellowhigh’s self-titled album, and they’ve released another song to keep fans waiting and satisfied, but is it justified? It’s just a way to rhyme, which is what Mellowhigh are about. Listen to extinguisher, and remember to check them out when their tour begins next week, dates availablehere.

SOME STUFFS: MellowHigh tease you with sound from new album to come

 photo MellowHigh_cover_zps16b657b9.jpg
“Yu” is a song from the forthcoming album by Left Brain, Hodgy Beats, and Domo Genesis, due out…eventually. (Actually, the new release will be out on Halloween.)

Before the album is released, the MellowHigh gentlemen were invited over to Russell Simmons’ house for a bit of yoga. It’s an excerpt from an episode of Odd World to be shown on Simmons’ new YoUTube channel, All Def Digital. Yes, the same channel that had the Harriet Tubman “sex tape”, but fortunately that shit has been removed.

What will not be removed, unless there are changes made, are forthcoming MellowHigh tour dates:

October 24… Dallas, TX (Club Dada)
October 25… Austin, TX (Red 7)
October 26… El Paso, TX (Tricky Falls)
October 27… Albuquerque, NM (Sunshine Theatre)
October 29… Tucson, AZ (Club Congress)
October 30… Scottsdale, AZ (Pub Rock)
October 31… Los Angeles, CA (Los Globos)
November 1… La Jolla, CA (Porter’s Pub)
November 2… Santa Barbara, CA (Velvet Jones)
November 6… Fresno, CA (Strummer’s)
November 7… San Luis Obispo, CA (SLO Brewing Company)
November 9… Los Angeles, CA (Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival)
November 18… Seattle, WA (Neumos)
November 19… Vancouver, BC (Rio Theatre)
November 21… Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theatre)
November 22… Reno, NV (Knitting Factory)
November 23… Sacramento, CA (Ace of Spades)
November 26 @ Oakland, CA (The New Parish)

BEST OF 2012: My favorite music videos of the year

Let me say this off the top: this is not a list of every single music video that was made in 2012. Making a video is now the norm these days, and at times the amount of videos I have a chance in posting is overwhelming. What this is is a listing of my favorites of music videos I have seen and enjoyed. It could be due to the artist, it could be due to the song, it could be a mixture of both, plus some visuals that I found pleasing to my eyes and thus the mind. I did not have a specific video I felt was the absolute best, but I felt these stood out for whatever reason.

Yinka Diz-Overnight Scenario

Prometheus Brown & Bambu-Lookin’ Up

Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator-Rella

Kimya Dawson-Solid and Strong

Diplo-featuring Nicky Da B-Express Yourself

Radioinactive featuring 2Mex & La Caution-Mint Tea

Eamon McGrath-Great Lakes

Sene-The Feel Reel

OFF!-Wiped Out

Shmu-House of Stares

El-P-The Full Retard


The Spinto Band-The Living Things

Dan Deacon-True Thrush

Kool A.D.-Al Green<

Has-Lo-Inherit The Stars (Paten Locke Remix)

Hungry Ghost-Epic Sadness

Boldy James-For The Birds

Chris Cohen-Monad

Rhye-The Fall (Live)

Says She’s Ms. Blat-Violent Nudity/Ha Ha Ha

Nosaj Thing featuring Kazu Makino-Eclipse/Blue

Earl Sweatshirt-Chum

Toro Y Moi-So Many Details

Karriem Riggins-Round The Outside (Alone Together)

SOME STUFFS/RECORD CRACK: Toro Y Moi shares remix from forthcoming Black Friday 45

As discussed last month, Toro Y Moi will be releasing a new record as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday later this month, and now you can take a listen to the remix of “So Many Details” that will be on the B-side.

As for that album, there were a few delays for Anything In Return (Carpark) listening parties (mentioned here), but they have been rescheduled. RBMA will also be there:
November 9−11… Brooklyn, NY (Project Parlor)
November 16-18… – San Francisco, CA (Public Works)

SOME STUFFS: Odd Future offer a slice of MellowHype

The Odd Future/OFWGKTA machine continues to spin at a wicked pace, and this time it’s because of members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain. The two released an album last year called Blackenedwhite,and now that Odd Future has caught the eyes and ears of many, a newly reworked and remastered version of the album will be released on July 12th by Fat Possum.

One major difference between this new version and the original is that it will not feature the track “Chordaroy”. It featured Earl Sweatshirt and the reason being given as to why they’re not using it is because, even though he is a member of the OFWGKTA collective, they did not receive permission from him to use his vocals. Whether that’s true or another means to shine light on this album, the real story is as of now unknown, but hey.