FREE MP3 DL: RedBaren 907 featuring X Homeboy Sandman’s “Red Sand”

Most of you are familiar with Homeboy Sandman so you may ask yourself on a regular basis “where is he at now?” Well, he might be at a department store to buy some deodorants but you’re talking musically. He finds himself in a new track by a rapper you may not be familiar with, so please become comfortable with RedBaren 907, who is releasing an album called Life Behind Bars and this is a preview.

AUDIO: Finale featuring Homeboy Sandman & Miz Korona’s “Just Due”

Finale is not the end, in fact you can say he is just starting. He is starting up again with help from Miz Korona, Homeboy Sandman and producer Oddisee for a song they call “Just Due” and is it due to listen to it? Well, now is the right time for you. The song will be out on Finale’s forthcoming Mello Music Group album, Odds & Ends, hitting merchants on August 14th.

FREE DL: L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae featuring Homeboy Sandman’s “Ignore The Man To Your Right”
Twelve days. It’s just twelve days until L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae release their new album for Mello Music Group called The Night Took Us In Like Family and the music is sure to take you in like family too, especially when you realize that Homeboy Sandman is on one of the songs. The song in question is called “Ignore The Man To Your Right” so don’t ignore this, get to it. Download is for free, so no excuses.

SOME STUFFS: J-Live returns once more with “Around The Sun”
J-Live is back with a brand new album called Around The Sun and for this one, he brings on twelve new songs, some of which feature the talents of Tanya Morgan, Rome Supreme, Ekundayo, Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and Sam London helping out a bit. If it’s J-Live, you know it’s music you don’t want to mess with, or mess with it in a good way.

FREE DL: L’Orange featuring Homeboy Sandman’s “Mind vs. Matter”
There is a famous phrase that goes “mind over matter”, but how about “mind vs. matter”? Perhaps the same, perhaps not, but you can learn something about the latter in a new track by L’Orange, which brings in Homeboy Sandman for solitude and guidance. It’s taken from L’Orange’s latest album The Orchid Days, but have this song for free, courtesy of Mello Music Group.

AUDIO: MindsOne & Kev Brown featuring Homeboy Sandman’s “Pop

MindsOne & Kev Brown released an EP this past Tuesday called Pillars” (Ill Adrenaline) and from it is a track they were able to get Homeboy Sandman for to drop some wisdom. The song is called “Pop”, which should refer to everything from fatherhood to musical status to acne, but you’ll have to listen to this to find out what it’s about. The MP3’s and CD’s for Pillars can be ordered below via Amazon, while the vinyl pressing can be had direct from Ill Adrenaline Records.

FREE MP3 DL: YC The Cynic featuring Homeboy Sandman’s “The Heaviest Cross 2.0”

Homeboy Sandman finds his way into a new slice of audio splendor by YC The Cynic called “The Heaviest Cross 2.0”, put together by producer Frank Drake, who handled YC’s entire GNK album, available now.

AUDIO: L’Orange featuring Blu’s “Need You”

Mello Music Group will have a new album out next month by L’Orange called The Orchid Days, and with guests including Eric Todd Dellums, Erica Lane, Billy Woods, Jeremiah Jae, and Homeboy Sandman, it may lead to a bit of anticipation, if not anxiety attacks. Relax, my friends, for you have one track here to calm you down, this one featuring Blu.

REVIEW: Rabbi Darkside’s “Prospect Avenue”

 photo RabbiDarkside_cover_zpsa05a447b.jpg The vibe of Rabbi Darkside’s Prospect Avenue (Say Word) goes back to the era of the acid jazz influence in hip-hop, and when people said/knew what acid jazz was. On one side you have the music, reminisicent of what you’d hear on albums by Digable Planets, The Roots, Brand New Heavies, Jungle Brothers, and A Tribe Called Quest, when there was a distinct connection between what you were doing for the cause, but honoring those who were part of the cause from generations before. On the lyrical side, Rabbi Darkside touches on modern issues, everything from politics to economics, dropping a bit of knowledge while also being spiritual, understanding what to throw in your face and what to say so that it goes into your mind before it simmers. In other words, Darkside doesn’t force or push any of these issues. He knows if you get his album, you’re going to listen, but part of listening is also wanting to know how he’s going to piece together his verses, the puzzles. By walking down his Prospect Avenue, he is discussing the city that may be his own, but it could easily be the city you live in, or the next town to you. In a track like “Animal Farm” it’s not about going to the country, but dealing with living in the city and feeling hounded as if we’re all in zoo/insane asylum. As he says, “the citizens don’t need Five-O’s, citizens need live shows/civic center revivals, consistent train arrivals, and if it doesn’t make people how we now exist in a diagram similar to a comic book or a blockbuster movie, this and other songs on the album will. There has to be some sense of sanity even in the insane and if we allow ourselves to unwind, maybe we can be… kind, to one another and ourselves?

What makes this album work is how the first five tracks is just the Rabbi and no one else. He has special guests but they’re not packed onto the front of the album. He wants people to listen to the album as a whole, digest it one by one to get a feeling for what he’s saying. Then he has people like Homeboy Sandman, Brother Hamm, Dub, Core Rhythm, Illspokinn, Mariella, and others showing him support by adding their pieces to the puzzle that by the end, shows a place that represents much more than just the avenue, but other streets in the immediate vicinity and the rest of the city, to show and prove that we’re much more connected than we care to admit, or if we’re not, we should be.

It’s a very humble album done by someone who understands his role as a rapper, as a storyteller, and someone who may not have the recipe on how to truly save the world, but can only offer seeds so that ideas and concepts can grow into fruition. What are the prospects on Prospect Avenue? Quite positive, regardless of the direction we move on, so why not move forward? The spirit of the Native Tongues and acid jazz-tinged hip-hop never died, it simply went elsewhere, and a chapter has been located on the ave. Let’s head there.

(The album is also available on vinyl and CD. Both formats are available from Rabbi Darkside’s Bandcamp page.)