VIDEO: Hopie’s “Love Song”

Sometimes you show respect to an artist and they don’t even appreciate the support. Hopie doesn’t seem to be like that, in fact she seems like someone who would show love to anyone who gives a few good words her way. That may or may not be why she called this “Love Song”, but love can go a number of ways: a person, a family, a feeling, an item. Listen to where her love resides in this one, taken from her Sugar Water project.

VIDEO: Hopie’s “Someone Else”

Superfresh Hopie has a nice visual nugget for the eyes and ears, this time for the song “Someone Else”. Does she hope to be someone else, or is she looking for someone else? Listen and find out. The song is from her Sugar Water EP, which you may stream and purchase below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Hopie’s “Breathe”

Hopie Spitshard never holds back from her songs, and she does this once again in “Breathe”, a song taken from her brand new album Sugar Water, released earlier this week. She continues to do the kind of work that makes her sharp, so make sure you approach with caution.

VIDEO: Hopie featuring Moe Green’s “String Em Up”

When you hear and see Hopie, you bow down to the greatness. Not convinced by her style yet? Watch this video.

As for this video, she brings on Moe Green to help out, making this a hot song to make non-believers believe in both of them.

This video? It’s called “String ‘Em Up”. Watch this, and the scene where Hopie and Moe Green meet up on the train track? It reminds me of The D.O.C.‘s “It’s Funky Enough” (watch the segment between 3:23 and 3:29). Maybe that’s just me.

VIDEO: Hopie’s “No Chase”

What I like about this video is that Hopie wants to share how she is inspired to write and create a song. She’s in bed rhyming and hoping to come up with some goods, but gets frustrated when she doesn’t. She might be driving in a car but they’ll have pen and paper nearby. Anyone who writes on a regular basis can relate to this, and what I like about this to is that it tends to break a few stereotypes in hip-hop, especially when it comes to women who rap. The song is great as is, it will definitely be something worth checking out that the clubs but is also work putting into rotation by supportive radio DJ’s. Place it in your ears and let the music take you higher.

VIDEO: Hopie featuring Jayne Rio’s “Say Goodbye”


Hopie has returned with another video (directed by David Dutton), and this time she’s bringing along Jayne Rio for the ride as they “Say Goodbye” but to whom, and why? I do not know, but I like how they’re doing this together. Is Hopie still spitting hard? Of course.

VIDEO: Hopie featuring Del The Funky Homosapien’s “Space Case”

Space Case from David Dutton on Vimeo.

Hold up, Hopie Spitshard and Delvon? Yes, I speak of Del The Funky Homosapien doing a track with upcoming artist Hopie and it very much fits in with what both artists are about. See the deal in “Space Case”. These are words that have been used to both of them, and together they prove that space is the case, and in a good way.

The song is from her forthcoming album Raw Gems, to be unleashed on September 13th.