REVIEW: Various Artists’ “All Your Friend’s Friends”

 photo AYFFK_cover_zps9d9f95e2.jpg While All Your Friend’s Friends (K) has been promoted as a glimpse of Olympia, Washington’s hip-hop scene, there is much more than just hip-hop. While the hip-hop side ranges from nice and dope to some of the best nerdcore rhymes around, the other styles on here range from nice pop to some surprising soulful tunes, and I say it’s surprising only because I didn’t expect it. The artists range from Barfly to Free Whiskey, XPerience to Saints Of Everyday Failures, and a diverse range of people like Zikki Carr, Jesus Chris, Gold, Smoke, The Chicharones, Candidt, and Miz among many others. If there’s one name that some may be familiar with, it would be Onry Ozzborn, the Seattle MC who has years of experience behind him so by getting involved with the OlyWa group, perhaps it will be a chance for all (and I do mean all) of these artists to shine in their own right. If the idea of hip-hop from Olympia may sound peculiar, remember the first time you heard music from the city and eventually got into it for its full, unique beauty. Think of that with this hip-hop comp, which is very much more than hip-hop, which is not a guise to cover up any insecurities about what they create.

(All Your Friend’s Friends can be ordered from Amazon below or directly from K Records.)