BOOK’S FOODIE: Korean penis ice cream (from Eat Your Kimchi)

It’s one thing to have ice cream that’s quite delicious, but then to try out some of the different ice creams made in South Korea. Now you add something else: penis. Um… what’s going on here, or even the better question: what type of penis is it? The great Eat Your Kimchi channel discovered it and decided to try it out for themselves.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Exploring Squid Vomit hot sauce two ways

Upon looking for interesting food-related videos to share, I came across a number of people reviewing different hot sauces. One of them was for a brand I never heard of called Squid Vomit, which moved me to watch. Sometimes a name of a product can do wonders, and if something that sounds off ends up being quite good, even better. George Payne has a number of hot sauce reviews on his YouTube channel, so if you’re someone who likes to search the website or go through Etsy looking for what thousands of people across North America and the world are doing, you may want to try Squid Vomit.

But it’s not over.

Ben Prescott also discovered Squid Vomit hot sauce but wanted to try something unique: combine it with ice cream. I’d like to think this hot sauce/ice cream concoction has been done many times by Preston before but have a look and find out what he thinks of the mixture.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Vegan recipe for mint chip ice cream (from Tastemade)

Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian, this recipe should seem very cool (figuratively and literally). It’s a quick and easy way to make your own mint chip ice cream, vegan style. It does involve cutting open a coconut, so while you may not have a coconut tree close by, you should be able to buy one at any decent store near you. If you want to print the recipe, you can find it on the YouTube page that features the video.

This is presented by Laura Miller of Sidesaddle Kitchen and was posted on the Tastemade channel on YouTube.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Cheerwine Cream Bars Review (Soda Tasting #194)

Cheerwine is a soda from North Carolina that I first became aware of when I went to the Big Ass Sandwiches food cart in Portland, Oregon. For some people in NC and the rest of the South, Cheerwine is much of a refreshing tradition as Coca-Cola and iced tea are. Now, the soda company are now the focus of a new ice cream treat, which may sound very tasty for those of you who love the drink, but is it good? The YouTube channel Soda Tasting decided to put the new ice cream to the test.