RECORD CRACK: Black Lips and Icky Blossoms share audio from forthcoming Record Store Day split 7 inch

Black Lips/Icky Blossoms photo BlackIcky_cover_zpseea634cc.jpg
A unique 45 will be released on Record Store Day, a split effort between Black Lips and Icky Blossoms. The aforementioned Blossoms gang will be covering Siouxsie & The Banshees’ “Arabian Knights” while Black Lips go country by embracing Waylon Jennings’ “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys” and offering it to a new audience. Before you buy the record, you may listen to both tracks here. If you’re wondering if the picture sleeve features a photo of a monkey revealing its brain, why yes it is.

VIDEO: Icky Blossoms’ “Village”

How charming can you get in your own video? For the Icky Blossoms, you may get as charming as you can handle, and when you put together a video with “Nebraska’s leading radical queer collective, The Church of Tomorrow”, who knows how far you’re willing to take it. This clip features footage of dancing, bathing, Teletubby Po, and throwing up. This may all be hints to the “Village” they speak of, but maybe watching the video a number of times will result in satisfaction in knowing you’re half way close to the answer.

VIDEO: Icky Blossoms’ “Burn Rubber (acoustic)”

Icky Blossoms may not expect for them to do this, but they take “Burn Rubber”, undo its power and give it a renewed power with its acoustic treatment of the song. It would be funny if more people got into the group with this performance.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Icky Blossoms’ “Sex To The Devil (Gosteffects Remix)”

If you are the parents of what others call “fucked up kids”, this song may become your anthem. Icky Blossoms have allowed Gosteffects to do an anally tight remix of “Sex To The Devil” and it’s freakishly fun with a hint of moisture of unknown regions. In other words, it’s hot, it’s a banger, it’s… what you want it to be, but better.

VIDEO: Icky Blossoms’ “Cycle”

This video is hot, and therefore may be NSFW. Reason? It’s a nice synth pop track but it’s not the sound that may offend, but the visuals. You may see women kissing, you may see men and women humping each other, you may see close-up shots of crotches taken from 20 Minute Workout or Aerobicize, the thrills are endless on this one. Add to this the grooves created by Icky Blossoms, and you may find a pool of liquid by your feet at the end of the video. I’m warning you, if you’re not into drippy and moist grooves, read something else on this site.

Oh yes, there’s also footage of people dancing to disco. 70’s porn turn you on, when women had bulky pubes and men weren’t afraid to wear knee high socks? Dig it, man.

SOME STUFFS: North America awaits for Icky Blossoms


This was done to welcome this blurb about Icky Blossoms, the Omaha, Nebraska trio who will be doing some dates this fall with Reptar and Rubblebucket before wrapping up the year doing shows with The Faint. They’re doing some pretty trippy things in their music, now you can see how they interact with other organisms (namely, you) at these venues:

September 14 Bluebird Theatre Denver, CO *^
September 15 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT *^
September 17 Neurolux Lounge Boise, ID *^
September 19 Neumos Seattle, WA *^
September 20 Mississippi Studios Portland, OR *^
September 21 The Independent San Francisco, CA *
November 27 House of Blues Dallas, TX #
November 28 Emo’s East Austin, TX #
November 30 Cannery Ballroom Nashville, TN #
December 1 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA #
December 2 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC #
December 5 9:30 Club Washington, DC #
December 6 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA #
December 7 Terminal 5 New York, NY #
December 8 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA #
December 9 Club Soda Montreal QC, Canada #
December 11 Sound Academy Ontario, Canada #
December 12 Metro Chicago, IL #
December 13 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN #
December 14 Sokol Auditorium Omaha, NE #

* with Reptar
^ with RubbleBucket
# with The Faint

BTW: the track below? Stream if you want, download if you can. It’s free and legit.