SOME STUFFS: Ill Clinton brings you to his “Empyrean Regions” with new release

Philadelphia’s Ill Clinton has returned with a new set of music and this time it’s an EP called Empyrean Regions. You’re able to buy it as a hard copy on both CD and cassette and of course, it’s possible to obtain this digitally so stream it above through Bandcamp, buy one of the hard copy editions or purchase them all if you’re moved enough to do so. The album was released by Us Natives Records.

FREE DL: Ill Clinton’s “A M B A P” (EP)
Philadelphia’s Ill Clinton is back with a new set of music, this one being an EP called A M B A P, with eight songs of what he is calling “ambient boom bap”. You might think it’s something different or maybe it has been part of the progression he has been doing. A very limited edition of the EP will also be available on cassette with only 30 being made. You may stream it in full and download for free above via Bandcamp, but highly consider using the “Name Your Price” option to show some support.

FREE MP3 DL: ill Clinton, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Moses West’s “A Brother Like Ezell”
ill Clinton of Florida (not to be confused with Ill Clinton of Philadelphia) has collaborated with Georgia Anne Muldrow and Moses West in a new song called “A Brother Like Ezell”, which rocks well. While the song is available as a free download, any money used to purchase the song will go towards the Dream Defenders charity, click the Bandcamp page for the song for more information.

FREE DL: The IGive featuring Samantha Watson’s “Get Up (All My People)”
Florida Ill Clinton (not to be confused with Philadelphia Ill Clinton) has produced a new cut by a rapper who goes by the name of The IGive, who tells you what you must do to get up and get yourself up. I also would’ve loved this song if it remained in its soulful vibe created by vocalist Samantha Watson that welcomes the listener in. More The IGive, and very much more Watson.

FREE DL: iGive/Ill Clinton’s “Bastard Black”

 photo iGive_cover_zps6c0595d4.jpg
Florida producer Ill Clinton is ready to start 2014 off right and for his first offering of the year he has collaborated with rapper iGive, who will be releasing an album later this year. For now, they share the song “Bastard Black”, most likely a sign of what is to be expected.


 photo PremRockIllCDE_cover_zps7519ed17.jpg First off: normally I have a weekly Bandcamp Suggestions but it seems at the end of the year, I’m always packed with not only new music to listen to, but to write about. At least that’s the excuse I’m coming up with, and I’m sticking to it. However, I had heard about this track about half a month ago and have delayed listening to it but when I did, I thought “that is what I have to let people know about it”, thus why I am highlighting it as my Bandcamp Suggestion of the week.

It belongs to PremRock, who collaborated with producer Ill Clinton for a very nice track called “Deaf Ear”, which you shouldn’t have upon listening to it because you will not be able to hear it. The song will appear on Ill Clinton’s forthcoming project due out on January 14th called The Illvolution, so preview this now, and you will definitely be getting more in about four weeks.

FREE DL: Moses West & ill Clinton’s “Thorns”

 photo MosesWestYGLM_cover_zps97dd5ab7.jpg
It was Pat Boone who once sang ‘a rose is not a rose without those scratchy thorns”. This new song by Moses West didn’t think about the Benji movie at all and went to a different state of “Thorns” thinking. With Ill Clinton of Florida helping out on the production side, both of them will try not to get cut or sliced.

FREE DL: Moses West’s “Barz”

 photo IllClintonB_cover_zps50b1b051.jpg
Lori may have written on how she was able to kill people softly with her song but when it comes to Moses West, he is killing anyone and everyone who dare step up to him with inferior lyrics. His track, produced by Ill Clinton, is called “Barz”, which for me has a similar feel to The Genius’ “Labels”, which I think comes from having an itemized list that he goes through in each verse. The song will be on West’s You’re Gonna Love Me album, set for release on October 5th.

(NOTE: The Ill Clinton who worked on this song is from Jacksonville, Florida, not the Ill Clinton from Philadelphia I have covered in the past.)