VIDEO: ill poetic featuring Reggie B’s “Silhouette”

Superfresh Ill Poetic has a new cut he did with Reggie B and it has been turned into a video, please check out “Silhouette” and feel how satisfying this is. Poetic takes a visit into record store heaven and finds greatness there. You can hear more on his new EP called The Silhouette Project, available below via

AUDIO: Ill Poetic’s “It’s All Around”

The Silhouette Project is a forthcoming EP from Ill Poetic coming out on April 27th and for a taste, he is sharing a track from it called “It’s All Around”, so press play and make sure you are surrounding around its power.

A few days after its release, Ill Poetic will be doing some shows within the midwest so check him out if he is near you:

April 29… Cincinnati, OH (Urban Artifacts)
April 30… Rock Island, IL (Rozz-Tox QC)
May 1 16… Columbus, OH (Ruby Tuesdays)
May 4.16… Evansville, IN (PG)
May 5.16… Columbia, MO (Rose Music Hall)
May 7.16… Kansas City, MO (The Riot Room)

More shows are being coordinated now.

AUDIO: Ill Poetic’s “Fingertip”

Something new from Ill Poetic has a slightly curious title for it. It’s a song called “Fingertip”, which for him is not something entirely brand new, but is part of a project that had taken ten years to put together. One thing lead to another, he then stopped and moved on to other things. He then revisited that project and thought that it may be a good idea to develop it into something else. This is the end result so have a listen to the “Fingertip”, and just the tip.

FREE MP3 DL: Fatal Prose’s “Black Soap”

It’s rare that I get spoken word artists on my website, even though I am and have been a fan, but I’d like to introduce to you an artist who goes by the name Fatal Prose. This track was actually done ten years ago and comes from a full length album produced by Ill Poetic. Why this track has surfaced now is because of some of the issues happening in the world, specifically in the United States, and it’s not only that it’s timely, but it’s an every day thing that people need to know, if they didn’t already. No word on if the album will resurface again or if Fatal Prose will do new work so if you like it, reply.

VIDEO: Ill Poetic featuring Rideout’s “Hourglass”

Taking a sample from Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1973 album Head To The Sky album is a plus in my book, and that’s exactly what Ill Poetic has done in his song “Hourglass”, not only using “Keep Your Head To The Sky” but the incredibly funky “Zanzibar”. The track, which also features Rideout, is taken from Poetic’s EP Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement, released in 2012.

FREE MP3 DL: Ill Poetic’s “Main Street Mission”

 photo IllPoeticMSM_cover_zpsb7837e72.jpg
Sometimes releasing a music has more to do than just being a promotional tool for the artist and the song itself. Sometimes there is a goal involved. This is how Ill Poetic describes “Main Street Mission”:
My wife and I got in the habit of buying $5 gift cards to fast food spots and keeping them in the car to give to homeless people when we hit an intersection. With a $5 giftcard to Wendys, especially in this weather, you can get 2-5 meals which at least guarantees a warm place to hang out for as long as possible. Every time we do this, this “Main Street Mission” song I made a little while ago pops up in my head, so I figured now would be a good time to drop it. This isn’t a corny “help the homeless” song. Just a reminder that it’s cold as shit outside and some people have way more to worry about for the holidays than Black Friday sales.

If you can, donate a turkey, ham, or roast to your local mission this weekend. It will do you no harm.

FREE MP3 DL: Ill Poetic’s “Thursday (Loveshit)”

 photo IllPoeticTL_cover_zps7bcda034.jpg
Get a pinch of The Weeknd, throw in a sliver of nine inch nails and what do you get? For Ill Poetic, you get your everyday “Thursday”, or what he has subtitled “(Loveshit)”. The man is in love, and he’s sharing those emotions in song.

He also has an Indiegogo project going on with about 28 hours left to reach his goal, so if you like the song and want to put up something for the cause, check it out below.

FREE MP3 DL: Ill Poetic featuring Illogic & Young Zone’s “Clap”

 photo IllPoeticC_cover_zpsb6096a00.jpg
The good hip-hop in 2013 continues with this. Ill Poetic puts together a song called “Clap”, and not only does he bring in Illogic of Greenhouse, but Young Zone. This is too ill, or is that “two ill” and a youngin’?

The song is a part of Ill Poetic’s Silhouette project, which he currently has up as an Indiegogo project. If you’d like to contribute, do so.