REVIEW: dot.|maTic’s “citY”

free image hosting dot.|maTic is a producer who seems to love chopping and cutting samples up in a funky manner, not unlike Dilla but wants to do it in his own way to let people know he is capable of making the dance floor rock and panties drop. citY is an all-instrumental album that works as what I call a “resume tape”, where people will listen and go “oh damn, now this is a guy I need to work with.”

Of course, there will be people who will hear these tracks and immediately use them for new mix tape tracks or live shows, but this is a lure for dot.|maTic to let people know what this guy can do. Deep, booming beats, carefully selected (and well-edited) beats and samples, he knows what he does as he has skills. He re-edits a well known Brazlian vocalist to create “Look Around”, and then he’ll turn around, lower the mood and create chill out tracks for those tender post-coital moments. Light up something if the incense isn’t on. He can make the headnodders, he can create some intense neo-soul, and he can… well, what can’t this guy do? I think dot.|maTic is capable of it all, and if you confront him with the unknown, he’ll flip it your way.

Highly recommended.

(The full album is a digital-only release, and can be purchased from A special 4-song 7″ EP featuring songs from the album is also available through or