BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: In Kit Form’s “Receptacles”

<img src=" photo InKitFormR_cover_zps15a187bb.jpg Chris Marsh has returned as In Kit Form, and his new album is a three-track piece that is categorized as “worship; Christian” but also glitch, drone, noise, and experimental. Can this be? Well, of course.

The sounds can be both dramatic and melodramatic, haunting and eerie, atmospheric and tender, and sometimes going nowhere in the right direction. It’s the kind of works where you have to allow it to take you to discover where it may or may not lead, and what happens afterwards is up to you. Is it in anyway spiritual or devotion? Hard to say, you can interpret these tracks in any way you want but take them as you wish and see where it will allow you to stop. If you allow it to stop at all.