AUDIO: Chase Coy’s “Before”

Chase Coy photo ChaseCoy_old_zps3ypxeg1o.jpg
Chase Coy has been preparing for the release of his new album Youth by dropping a handful of songs here and there and if you’re here, you’re welcome to click up there to have a listen. Fans of Beck, Foreign Fields, or Bon Ivey may find Coy’s music to be of interest, so have a listen to “Before” and tell me how you are feeling this afterwards.

AUDIO: Jackson Boone’s “The Dolphin Turned Into A Cat”

Jackson Boone photo JacksonBoone_old_zpsvs631omc.jpg
“The Dolphin Turned Into A Cat” may sound like an odd thing to say but that’s just the song title for a new song by Jackson Boone. The song is on his new album (his second) called Natural Changes, and this Portland artist is ready to take things wherever his music needs to be. His style of folk with a bit of psychedelic influences is sure to find a wider audience in the weeks, months, and years to come. He has two shows close to home coming up in the next month so if you’re in Rose City or up in Seattle, stop by and say hello.

June 6… Seattle WA (Sunset Tavern)
July 2… Portland, OR (The Goodfoot Pub & Lounge)

SOME STUFFS: The Good Graces to go on a brief East Coast tour next week

 photo GoodGraces_old_zps91ea8f33.jpg
While they only came out with “Before You Go” as a Valentine’s Day single, The Good Graces are heading out on tour next week as a means to get themselves ready for an album to come, a split effort between Fort Lowell and PotLuck. The album will be called Close To The Sun so if you are fan of theirs, you’ll want to see them at the following spots:

April 17… Atlanta, GA (Vinyl) ǂ
April 19… Shelby, NC (Dragonfly Wine Market)
April 20… Arlington, VA (Galaxy Hut) ƪ
April 21… Brooklyn, NY (Pete’s Candy Store; 10pm)
April 22… Richmond, VA (The Camel)
April 23… Raleigh, NC (Slim’s) Ƿ

ǂ = w/ Wild Child
ƪ = w/ America Hearts
Ƿ = w/ See Gulls, Tracy Shedd

SOME STUFFS: King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe “Sing More Songs Together…” for everyone

King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe have made music together before, and they did it again for a 7″ coming out on the 25th of March on the Seattle-based label Not Just Religious Music. The record is aptly titled Sing More Songs Together…”, and only 1000 copies of the record are being made (500 copies on black vinyl, 300 on white, 200 in a black and white mixture). You may pre-order the record through Bandcamp, but you can listen to its A-side above. Both songs on the record are also streaming behind the Bandcamp link.

AUDIO: Jonah Parzen-Johnson’s “Stay There, I’ll Come To You (Sleepers Work Remix)”

 photo JonahPJ_cover_zpscc3e68ba.jpg
If phrases like “lo-fi experimental folk saxophone” and “analog synthesizer” make you tingle in the regions that count the most, you’ll want to check out the music by Jonah Parzen-Johnson, which sounds more electronic than natural but that’s where Parzen-Johnson enjoys playing with your mind. You can hear his song “Stay There, I’ll Come To You” below, presented in a remix by Sleepers Work.

If you’d like to hear him explore even further, he has some shows coming up:

February 26… Philadelphia PA (Yell Gallery)
February 27… Washington DC (Communiverse)
February 28… Oberlin OH (Oberlin University)
March 1… Cleveland OH (Mahalls)
March 2… Buffalo NY (Pausa Arthouse)
March 3… Brooklyn NY (Manhattan Inn)

REVIEW: Jess Williamson’s “Native State”

 photo JessWilliamson_cover_zpsed88b8e0.jpg Jess Williamson is a singer whose comfort zone is that in folk, call it Americana if you wish. These songs aren’t what I would call “back to nature”, especially if you’re someone who has never left nature behind. Native State (Brutal Honest) is the music of someone who isn’t afraid to share her deepest feelings, whether it be about a loved one or ones relationship with everyone and everything around them. Williamson’s vocal style is on the boundaries of people like Bjork and Lene Lovich but more fine tuned and accessible, but she sings sometimes with an accent that might lead to occasional difficulty in understanding the lyrics, but it’s not so hard. When you do, especially with a song like “Spin The Wheel”, it almost comes off like a confessional you’re not meant to hear:
my pride was a mountain and yours, a little bird
I stand alone and strong beside you, you’d sing anywhere you’re hurt
you got to spin the wheel every morning
and if madness or artifice come as a warning
forget what they told ya, it gets cold in California
but the women there, with the flowers in their hair
will wrap you in White Owls

Song of her songs are direct, others may take a bit of understanding with her pace and flow, but it’s not something you want to brush off and pass up. Native State is someone who sounds and feels… I hate to use the word genuine but when you listen to her, it will feel as if she knew you were waiting to see and greet her into your life.

(Native State will be released on January 28th and can be pre-ordered here.)

SOME STUFFS: Juan Wauters offers a sip of “Water” from his new album

 photo JuanWauters_old_zpsaa286f4d.jpg
It will be another three months before The Beets’ member Juan Wauters unleashes his first solo project, but it may be a pleasant and worthy wait, if this song is any indication. The album is called N.A.P. North American Poetry and will be out on February 4, 2014, just in time to play before the Winter Olympics start. Get in touch with your natural self and check out “Water”. If you are in New York City, you’ll have three chances to see him in the next week:

November 7… Brooklyn, NY (Molasses Books)
November 9… Queens, NY (Queens Museum) {Opening reception for Queens International presenting Matthew Volz installation”
November 14… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium)

FREE MP3 DL: The Visibles’ “Clarendon Hills”

 photo TheVisibles_old_zps291850cc.jpg
With a nice poppy folk twist to their sound, The Visibles are gearing up for the release of their self-titled, self-produced debut album that they’re going to unload to the world on September 10th. Have a listen to a track from it called “Clarendon Hills”, which one publication stated has a Marc Bolan/T. Rex vibe, but see if you agree.

Or better yet, if the song rocks you, they’ll be doing a small handful of shows very soon, they may be in your area:
September 6… San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw Stop) (LP Release Party)
September 21… Fairfax, CA (19 Broadway)
October 24… San Francsico, CA (Eagle Tavern)