LYRIC VIDEO: Surgical Meth Machine’s “Gates Of Steel”

Al Jourgensen covering Devo? It makes sense if you know your musical historya nd now you get to hear a part of that history with Jourgensen’s new project, Surgical Meth Machine” with a cover of Devo’s “Gates Of Steel” and this is very much a scorcher. Their self-titled debut album, released this past April, can be purchased below via

LYRIC VIDEO: Surgical Meth Machine’s “Rich People Problems”

Al Jourgensen is back not with new music from Minister or Revolting Cocks but with Surgical Meth Machine, whose album is out now on Nuclear Blast. This isn’t an actual music video but just a lyric video but if you know Jourgensen, you’ll know this isn’t just wallpaper so you must watch and see things.

AUDIO: Fungi From Yuggoth/Liturgia Maleficarum split c-60

For fans of ambient, industrial, and all out “out there” music, you’ll want to pick up a new split cassette by Liturgia Maleficarum and Fungi From Yuggoth. Fungi From Yuggoth is described as “raw and primitive ritual industrial, in the vein of early Current 93, Ain Soph, Zero Kama” while Liturgia Maleficarum is “blackened doom ambient noise, hellish screams, dissonant riffs (with) haunting synth lines.” Both offer five songs each, and if their descritions may sound a bit perplexing, you are able to stream it all for free, no cost to you. If you’re into it, purchase the cassette (only 47 copies made) or the digital files.

SOME STUFFS: Kurz Konflikt turns Japanese on new album
Reiko – Geisha From Hell! is a new release by Kurz Konflikt that sounds like someone threw together sounds from random records and cassettes, then said “this is what I’m going to give you” and what does it sound like? You may hear a bit of Japanese lounge music, mixed in with something erotic or seductive but mixed in with random spurts of noise and you’re not sure if you should listen with pleasure or a different emotion. It’s scattered and is meant to be listened to with a good amount of concentration, but in between the chaos are burts of easy listening, exotica, and perhaps something else with the letter “E”. If you like what you hear, it will be pressed on cassette but only 100 copies are being made.

REVIEW: Powell’s “11-14”

Powell photo Powell_cover_zps2fb2c3ee.jpg Powell has been making music for about five years, including a small amount of EP’s and singles but for those who haven’t been able to check them out, 11-14 (Diagonal) is the best place to begin. The album is a compilation of 18 songs, running at 92 minutes, where new fans are able to discover his fascinating electronic music sounds like compositions in the making, but there aren’t spots where any of the perceived gaps sound wasteful. There are portions of these songs where he gets into a bit of a minimalistic approach due to how he gets into moments of repetition but it becomes passionate drones that are easy to get caught up before you realize you too are a part of his music. You’ll want to hear more projects from him in the future, and then imagine hearing him in any project to your liking. I’d love to be able to see/hear where he goes with this.


VIDEO: Ho99o9’s “Casey Jones/Cum Rag”

The guys in Ho99o9 have a nice two-for-one deal where they offer not only a song called “Casey Jones”, but they also want to throw out a “Cum Rag” to you. This one brings together elements of industrial, punk, and hip-hop in a way that will make some go “what the fuck is this?” and others say ‘this is the best thing I may hear all year”.

SOME STUFFS: Corrosive dark noise from the mind of Infirmary

 photo Infirmary_cover_zpsfdb7c9f4.jpg
A new album has been released by Infirmary, for those who are into “black industrial death noise”. If you enjoy your sounds to be harmoniously catastrophic, you’ll want to check out Anak II Buhr Daka Nol Koern Dasch (Enemata Productions), two tracks measuring up to 38 minutes of depth and death. The album is available on cassette along with digital downloads, you may have a listen to it or purchase it below through Bandcamp.

REVIEW: Brighter Death Now’s “With Promises Of Death”

 photo BrighterDeathNow_cover_zpse4ee4509.jpg If you’re going to name your album With Promises Of Death, it better bring to mind the kind of thoughts the title is owed, correct? Brighter Death Now is an album Roger Karmanik has made 25 years into his career as someone who takes industrial music into a darker and disturbing level, enough to where what he does has a new genre name, “power electronics”. The album sounds like someone who just finds a certain distinct sound, turn it up to 11 but then raise it up 500 percent in order to make a point. The actual point doesn’t matter, for what you’re hearing is something that is simply beyond anything you may have heard, especially when it can get unexpectedly rhythmic. The music isn’t painful, what I also liked were songs that may sound like the most distorted part of finding a radio station, coming across something at may sound like a melody but you keep trying to get there but never being able to find clarity. What I also like are the parts of this album that do not sound like music, you just take it for what it is, leave it to your interpretation/imagination and go from there.

VIDEO: Paula Temple’s “Deathvox”

(WARNING: Portions of this video has rapidly flashing images that may be unsuitable for some viewers.)

After releasing two songs online from her then-forthcoming EP, Paula Temple has come out with Deathvox (R&S) and after posting the title track a few weeks ago, she has produced a video for the song with help from director Tania Gualeni. The 12″ EP can be purchased directly from R&S Records.

FREE DL: Breathing Problem’s “The Keyhole”
A rough side of music can be heard in The Keyhole, a new album by Breathing Problem. Those who are in tune with power electronica, dark ambient, or industrial will find this quite good. 14 new songs on here, a cassette pressing of this is in the works but for now you can download the full album for free or utilize the “name your price” option.