AUDIO: Paula Temple’s “Ful”

Exactly a month ago I posted news about an EP by Paula Temple, but at the time I could only reveal the basic facts, no audio. With the release of Deathvox (R&S) on its way on October 28th, she and the label are sharing one of the three songs on it. This one is called “Ful”, which fills up Side 2. The press release calls it “a half-speed techno industrial explosion“. Does it make that impression on you? If so, you’ll have to wait to hear the other two songs. You can pre-order it by heading to R&S Records.

SOME STUFFS: Paula Temple prepared for new EP release in October

 photo PaulaTemple_old_zpsd4372eb6.jpg
Deathvox is the forthcoming EP release from Paula Temple that will be out on R&S Records on October 28th. No audio available yet, but I do have a track listing for it:

1. Deathvox
2. Monstro
3. Ful

That’s it, that’s all I have. I’m sure R&S will have some audio for it very soon, and I’ll post it then but until that then comes around, head to her

SOME STUFFS: Youth Code share a bit of their “Consuming Guilt”

 photo YouthCOde_old_zps5b51512d.jpg
Ryan George and Sara Taylor are the code you may need for their music duo, Youth Code, and you don’t have to wait for a delay of any sort. The group will be releasing an EP next month called A Place To Stand on the 23rd of next month through Dias Records, and they want to share what they’re offering, a mere hint of their goodness. It’s called “Consuming Guilt”, and they’re hoping the guilt you may consume from their sounds will be enough for you to retain you as a believer.

The vinyl pressing of A Place To Stand will be done in three different color variations, and can be pre-ordered right now by going here.

SOME STUFFS: MC Throat wants to get you “Blank Check’d”
MC Throat could be one man, could be one band, could be an organization from somewhere in Wisconsin. It could be hip-hop, it could be distorted hip-hop, it could be chaotic, or we really don’t know what this could, could have, or couldn’t be. One thing I’ll tell you: this is one of the more adventurous EP’s I’ve heard recently, and that says something. It’s as trippy as it could be, should be and is, and everywhere it doesn’t go, it keeps on going. The release is called Blank Check’d and if you’re open minded to something minimal and extreme, get this. The cost for this is $666, but listening is free. Or feel free to buy it for $666, not sure what kind of prizes you’ll get for it but hey, you can at least say you got yourself a chance to hear and buy MC Throat.

SOME STUFFS: A “Persona” from Puce Mary is revealed

 photo PuceMary_old_zps77cfc5ae.jpg
Puce Mary is someone who doesn’t care about genre clarification. She may be considered one style or the other but she will go out of her way to create something else. Or not care about what anyone says. Her work may be industrial, experimental, avant-garde, or something else someone is ready to tag her with, but it’s very much out and in there at the same time. Her new album is called Persona (Posh Isolation), which you could say very much represents not only her as a person, but her music being a persona in and of itself. “Courses” could be something you’d hear in a museum or exhibit or the final piece you might not want to hear before you die, but that’s the beauty in work like this. Puce Mary may not be for everyone, but she isn’t looking specifically for everyone to begin with. The vinyl-only album can be ordered directly from

SOME STUFFS: Pure Ground harden up for gathered release of two EP’s

 photo PureGround_old_zpsdd628c43.jpg
If the phrase “minimal industrial/wave” is opening up your eyes, ears, and pores, prepare yourself for Pure Ground. They are a Los Angeles duo who started two years ago, they’ve released two cassette EP’s, both of which have been remastered and will be collectively found on the album The Daylight & Protection. You can stream it in full below via Bandcamp. Not only do they support audio cassettes, but they release VHS tapes as well. An excerpt from it can be watched below as well.

They’ll be in Europe next month for a tour, they’d love for you to see and hear them, and say hello.

May 13… Gothenburg, Sweden (Skjul Fyra Sex) ⛂
May 15… Stockholm, Sweden (Kollaps Records)
May 16… Växjö, Sweden ˤ
May 17… Berlin, Germany (DEATH # DISCO @ Marie-Antoinette) §
May 22… Antwerp, Belgium (Stadslimiet)
May 23… Paris, France
May 24… Brussels, Belgium (Fantastique Nights) ¿
May 28… Barcelona, Spain (Niu)
May 30… Madrid, Spain (El Perro de la parte de atras del coche)
June 3… Vienna, Austria (rhiz vienna)
June 5… Budapest, Hungary
June 6… Prague, Czech Republic (Rare @ Basement bar) ƛ

⛂ = w/ Trepaneringsritualen
§ = w/ Echo West
ˤ = w/ Soft Metals
¿ = w/ Soft Metals & Sally Dige
ƛ = w/ Animal Bodies

SOME STUFFS: Metal and harsh noise unified with new release by Krueleco

If your tastes in music is more on the extreme side of things, you’ll want to check out Regno by Krueleco, described as “30 minutes of black harsh noise”. As you’ll hear by the 3.25 minute excerpt above, things go back and forth from utter chaos to insane noise, industrial death to indescribable lunacy, and it’s hard to tell where one pieces ends and another begins. Then again, these are just excerpts.

If you are interested in picking this up, it’s only available on cassette. Information can be had by e-mailing krueleco [at] mail [dot] com. You may listen to the first track on the tape in full, simple titled “Regno I”.
Regno I by krueleco

SOME STUFFS: RAWbug releases noisy EP as a CD3

 photo RAWbug_cover_zps56746a94.jpg
The artist simply goes by the name of RAWbug and for his new release he describes it as him using “non-sound files into Audacity as raw data files, then either keeping them or altering them in some fashion.” It sounds insane, and it is. The end result is 16 tracks of stuff that may be difficult to listen to, and yet there may be a dance track found within. Within the noise? Apparently yes. While available for free via, he has pressed up 20 copies, each one burned onto a CD3 and packaged in a DVD case. Plain and easy, unlike the sounds found within. To take a listen, click the player below. CD’s will be $5ppd within the U.S., international postage rates will differ depending on country. For more information, send e-mail to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

RECORD CRACK: “Ekki ger fikniefnum” is coming this month from Drekka

 photo Drekka_cover_zps0b65b42e.jpg
Drekka may have been a part of your musical consciousness since 1996, but now a new album will be released on February 25th, their first in nine years. Bloomington, Indiana’s maniac has Dais Records to thank for this release, and the vinyl pressing is now available for pre-order, directly from the label. Only 300 copies have been pressed, each one done with a silver-treated pantone jacket.