AUDIO: Imperial’s “Hiatus”

Released this past Thursday is a new track by Imperial called “Hiatus” but you don’t have to wait too long before he returns. True to his works, this one is an instrumental with vocal samples, which means if you’re inspired to rhyme over this for yourself, do so. More from Imperial is sure to be lurking just around the corner.

SOME STUFFS: Cassettes available for new IV The Polymath album

 photo IVThePolymath_tapes_zpszmj0ecgh.jpg
As I reported last week, IV The Polymath has his new album available for pre-order called Never Quit and the cassettes for it are in. While calling it a limited edition is almost foolish, I will tell you that only a small amount of this album has been pressed onto cassette. How many? 40. Not too little nor too much so if you’re a fan of his work or are someone who enjoys picking up the latest pressings of albums, you’ll want to get this. Get your copies by heading to Bandcamp below.

SOME STUFFS: IV The Polymath makes new album ready for pre-order

IV The Polymath photo IvThePoly_old_zps8qf7faxz.jpg
Waiting for new music for anyone can be a stressful thing but the internet makes things easier. If you’re a fan of IV the Polymath, you’ll be happy to know his new album will be out next week Tuesday. It’s called Never Quit and is being sold three different ways: digital, cassette, and autographed cassette. You can have a hint of the new goods by playing the title track that’s on the Bandcamp page above and if it drives you, you’ll want to pre-order your copy in the available formats.

FREE MP3 DL: The Audible Doctor’s “Southern Hospitality (Instrumental)”

Another nugget of sound has been provided by The Audible Doctor and as with most (if not all) of his work, this one is truly a scorcher. This time he is offering an instrumental so imagine yourself into this, then get out of it but only to find yourself wanting to remain in. What I speak of is “Southern Hospitality” and even if you’re not from there or never visited, you may find this to be a state of mind.

VIDEO: Doc Illingsworth’s “Everhard”

Who would be a person in hip-hop to look out for in the new year? You’ll want to head up to Detroit to pay attention to Doc Illingsworth and how much is his ill worth? Check out this track for “Everhard”. While he is an MC and producer, the song keeps things on the instrumental side but imagine if he or someone else dropped some wisdom on this. After hearing this, I am certain Illingsworth will be someone a lot of people will say “damn, I need to pay for some tracks to be blessed with.” Make it happen.

FREE MP3 DL: Chief & Deheb’s “Welcome To The Wood

Leaf is the new album from Chief & Deheb and if you’re someone who likes all-instrumental works, you may want to have a listen to this. Have a selection from it to get you warmed up to it called “Welcome To The Wood” and if you stream and like it, download the song, free of charge while supplies last. Then consider getting the album in full.

AUDIO: Sun Yehoshua’s “ghosts”

Sun Yehoshua has a new song out now called “Ghosts” and as you see him in the image, he comes off as a ghost but there’s a lot that can be revealed in the music heard. What that may be is unknown but you could sense something in the distance. It’s an instrumental hip-hop song, although it may be something that could be vocalized or turn into a prog rock anthem. Whatever it may be, it’s up to you but enjoy it for what it is. To listen to more of his work, head to his official Soundcloud page.

FREE DL: Pete Rock’s “Heaven & Earth”
Petestrumentals (Mello Music Group) is the forthcoming all-instrumental album from Pete Rock and just those names is enough to make people wait impatiently for it. If you can’t wait, then here’s a song for you to download and check out, it’s called “Heaven & Earth”. The album, the sequel to his album released 14 years ago, will be out on June 23rd.

SOME STUFFS: Hexsagon returns with a new EP of astrological soul
Phoenix artist Hexsagon… okay, in this case, when I say artist, Phoenix is a producer, MC, and so much more. If that has intrigued you, good. Now, let me tell you that he just released a new EP today called Aries, featuring six brand new songs to get down and get you down in the perfect way. With a sample from the Aries’ Signs Of The Zodiac album on A&M starting the festivities, the songs move up and down, in and out and all around in a hip-hop, soulful, and funky fashion that will make you listen and perhaps inspire you all the time.

FREE DL: Bless 1’s “Love”
Aaron Brown wants you to get to know him and his music as Bless 1, and he’s doing so with an all-instrumental album simply called Love, which is what he puts into his creations and what he hopes others will feel through his sounds. The songs are not in the distance, they’re right with you to feel the warmth in the Love Brown/Bless 1 has created and give it a shot.