FREE MP3 DL: Chief & Deheb’s “Welcome To The Wood

Leaf is the new album from Chief & Deheb and if you’re someone who likes all-instrumental works, you may want to have a listen to this. Have a selection from it to get you warmed up to it called “Welcome To The Wood” and if you stream and like it, download the song, free of charge while supplies last. Then consider getting the album in full.

VIDEO: Mono’s “Dream Odyssey”

Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do. So said Major Tom to ground control, who found himself going insane up there in outer space. The same dilemma is going on in the animated character found in the new video by Mono called “Dream Odyssey”, from their latest For My Parents album.

North American fans will be able to see them for a week, catch them if you haven’t already ordered a ticket:

November 15… Toronto, ON (Legendary Horseshoe Tavern) ♎
November 16… Montreal, QC (La Sala Rossa) ♎
November 17… Boston, MA (Brighton Music Hall) ♎
November 18… New York, NY (Le Poisson Rouge) ♎
November 19… Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda’s) ♎
November 20… Washington, DC (Rock & Roll Hotel) ♎
November 21… Cleveland, OH (Beachland Ballroom) ʖ
November 22… Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge) ʖ
November 23… Ferndale, MI (The Loving Touch) ʖ

♎ = w/ Majeure
ʖ = w/ Mick Turner

Mono are also in the United States recording a soundtrack for a forthcoming four-part mini series to air in Japan on the WOWOW Network called Kanatanoko. The first single from it, “Kanata”, will be released on November 27th, in time for the show’s premiere on the 1st of December.

REVIEW: Express Rising’s self-titled (second) album

 photo ExpressRising_cover_zps788deadd.jpg Dante Carfagna is known as a deep record collector, known for his love of the soul and funk of Ohio, but also a purchaser of obscure recordings. As the founder of Memphix Records, he is also the man behind the artist known as Express Rising, creating a musical sensibility that is an exploration of the music he finds and listens to. It had been ten years since Express Rising released an album, and in that time, Carfagna had been a bit busy with a wide range of projects, both offline and on. The news of a new album came as a total shock, but a delight to those who were in the know. Now, those in the know will know again the sounds of Express Rising.

The new album is self-titled again, and unlike the first album which featured a photo of a lake and trees in the background, this one was taken within the city in front of an apartment building. Both covers look like either tossed-out photos found in an old photo album, which may also refer to the tossed-out sensibilities of the music found on the albums, or a metaphor to take oneself out of the familiar and into the somewhat strange, even though this music is anything but strange.

Like the first album, Express Rising features songs taken from a wide range of sources, most of which are pulled from obscure custom press/private press records barely anyone knows about, which is the whole point. Unlike many producers who will take the obscure and try to make it sound dope and fresh, Carfagna becomes a part of the territory and will make a song that may have fit in from the era of the original recordings. Some of it maybe rootsy folk, some of it may be un-progressive progressive rock or pop, or maybe it’s someone playing a guitar. At least that’s what happens for the majority of the album. Things eventually lead to sections of the album where things truly do get funky, and you’re left wondering “what in the world is he doing, and how did he make it sound so damn good?” Okay, maybe people aren’t saying the latter, because I’d like to think that when the music he collects and writes about, there’s some sense that he knows very much what he’s doing, but it’s more about what he’s doing it with. Then the album moves into something that could have been created by Jandek’s distance cousin, and it allows the music to be moody and retrospective, if you allow it to be.

Express Rising is the creation of someone who knows, understands, and loves music, but does it in a way that isn’t typical of what everyone else is doing, yet he knows exactly what everyone else is doing, and throws it out at the most opportune times. I’m sure this will be pressed in an extremely limited edition, just like the first album, so find this if you can and never let go. If we’ll have to wait until 2023 for the next one, I will make sure to be around to enjoy it.

FREE MP3 DL: Eric Dingus’ “Subliminal Innocence”

 photo EricDingus_cover_zps5ac7ebdb.jpg
Eric Dingus may not be the hottest producer out there, as he is merely aiming to be “one” of the hottest out there, but what you’ll want to know first and foremost is that this guy is 18 years old and hails from Austin, Texas. His style of music is dreamy and ethereal, but you are free to add your own descriptions to what he creates. He has released a free album (his 4th) called Subliminal Innocence, so download it and definitely take time to spread the word. You may also stream and listen to it in full.

FREE DL: Substantial’s “Home Is Where The Art Is (Instrumentals)”

Substantial photo SubstantialINST_cover_zps983b4b2d.jpg
If Substantial’s Home Is Where The Art Is excited you, but you wanted to hear it from/with an instrumental frame of mind, you are now in luck, as Mello Music Group have released an instrumental version of the album. Even better: it’s for free. It would be too easy to say “ooh, I’m going to rhyme over these tracks myself”, I would suggest simply listening to them as sound pieces. Stop making every open break or instrumental your means to obtain free beats. Proceed.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “In Session” with Dday One (Podcast 16)

DDay One
Dday One has created a new edition of his In Session podcast, and show #16 shows the kind of music he loves to listen to, including a few exclusives. For the full track listing, click to the Bandcamp page for the podcast, or simply click and stream the mix below.

REVIEW: Low Leaf’s “Alchemizing Dawn” (EP)

Low Leaf When I was introduced to Low Leaf by an online friend, I was immediately blown away by what i was hearing, loving what I could hear on the surface but enjoying the possibilities of what she might be able to do, that sense of “elsewhere”. For her new release, she has welcomed “elsewhere”.

A few months after I reviewed her Chrysalis EP, Low Leaf released another EP that I was not aware of at the time, and I only became aware of it when I was looking for a graphic to use for this review. Nonetheless, for those who heard her first via Chrysalis, this contains all of the genius and talent she displayed on that release, as a means to say “this is my resume, this is what I can do.” What Alchemizing Dawn is show us what she likes to do for fun, and part of that has to do with being a bit eclectic and quirky, whether it’s singing or talking with multiple voices, or just doing things that she only hinted that briefly on Chrysalis. It’s as if those facets and personalities said “hey, we only had a few minutes to make ourselves known, now we’re going to play” and it’s great to hear this from someone who firmly knows how to make bold statements with her music. It’s a bit left of center, but I love that about these songs here, especially “Burning Clouds” and “Outre.Space”. I’m wanting to know where else she’ll take her music, and when there, will she let the floor crumble and take her muse somewhere else? I want to know, but then again I sometimes prefer the element of surprise.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Drake Blackmon’s “Cavity Thrust”

What does “a journey into the Earth’s vagina” sound like? Not sure if it would sound exactly like this, but Drake Blackmon is going to take a stab at exploring the possibilities. Straight up instrumental tracks and beat exploration from the Bay Area (Hayward to be exact), and just when you think certain tracks will maintain a certain vibe, he flips things and takes it to the unexpected, as he did in “Tickyouoff“. I also love how he’ll mix up the distorted, crystal clear, and funky into a blend that is sure to cause the nether region to thrust and the heads nodding eternally.

VIDEO: J Bizness’ “Destination”

If you fell in love with the music of J. Bizness, you may love his brand new video and feel a need to spoon or fork someone. For “Destination”, he takes us to the airport where we depart or arrive. Regardless of the destination, we’re always coming or going, and maybe after listening to this you may find yourself flowing. It’s up to you and your emotions.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Thavius Beck’s “Imma Get So”

Thavius Beck doesn’t like to stay in one place for any length of time, so for this track he gets into a mode that is a bit like incidental music for movies, but does show in a soul/funk fashion, sans vocals. One might be motivated to sing or rap over it, but I tend to like this track as is. It will be released on September 11th as part of his new album called The Most Beautiful Ugly (Plug Research), released in digital, vinyl, and CD forms.