VIDEO: Iron Man’s “South Of The Earth”

Half black, half white, all amazing. That is what you’ll see and hear in this video for Iron Man, a nice chunk of heaviness in a Black Sabbath manner (which makes sense, since they originally started out as a Black Sabbath tribute band in 1988) with “South Of The Earth”, which very much represents the same territory Slayer spoke of over 25 years ago in South Of Heaven. This is the title track to their latest album on Rise Above Records.

VIDEO: Iron Man’s “Hail To The Haze”

Gritty, raw, rugged, and denim: these are the words I have chosen to describe “Hail To The Haze”, the massively murky dirge by Iron Man, who created this for the album South Of The Earth (Metal Blade), released earlier this week and it is a juggernaut as much as it is a chuggernut.