VIDEO: M.anifest’s “Makaa Maka”

M.anifest is one of my favorite MC’s out there, and when he releases something new, I make it a priority to listen. In this case, it’s also a means to watch. “Makaa Maka” is translated from Twi as Twi “If I said it I said it” or “I say it without apology”. In other words, if he says what he means, then he means what he says. It makes me wish more people were aware of this guy, because he deserves to be up there with some of the best, because he is one of the best. If you are a fan, you know what I speak. If you’re wondering “can this guy be that good?”, then watch and listen for yourself. In the words of M.anifest, “makaa maka” indeed.

The video was directed by Isaac Offei Awuah, and what I also like about this video is that he’s dropping a track on the tracks.