SOME STUFFS: Cassettes available for new IV The Polymath album

 photo IVThePolymath_tapes_zpszmj0ecgh.jpg
As I reported last week, IV The Polymath has his new album available for pre-order called Never Quit and the cassettes for it are in. While calling it a limited edition is almost foolish, I will tell you that only a small amount of this album has been pressed onto cassette. How many? 40. Not too little nor too much so if you’re a fan of his work or are someone who enjoys picking up the latest pressings of albums, you’ll want to get this. Get your copies by heading to Bandcamp below.

SOME STUFFS: IV The Polymath makes new album ready for pre-order

IV The Polymath photo IvThePoly_old_zps8qf7faxz.jpg
Waiting for new music for anyone can be a stressful thing but the internet makes things easier. If you’re a fan of IV the Polymath, you’ll be happy to know his new album will be out next week Tuesday. It’s called Never Quit and is being sold three different ways: digital, cassette, and autographed cassette. You can have a hint of the new goods by playing the title track that’s on the Bandcamp page above and if it drives you, you’ll want to pre-order your copy in the available formats.

SOME STUFFS: IV The Polymath releases a new album
The latest album from IV The Polymath is called When & Where, released yesterday and if you are an analog fan, you can also have this album on cassette. The entire album was written, produced and mixed by him, and of course he is the artist.

FREE DL: IV The Polymath’s “No GMO”
There was a time when some rappers would talk about healthy foods as a means to teach its listeners, before it became too… whatever. The powers that be felt it was not worthy of a concern but maybe it’s time for audiences to become more aware again. That’s what IV The Polymath is doing with something he feel is a major concern and calls it “No GMO”.

SOME STUFFS: IV The Polymath and Jondis become
You may not know who are yet, but you may already be familiar with the music of producer IV The Polymath and rapper Jondis. Together they decided to become, and their new effort is called i​.​deology a 16 track that you can purchased digitally but if you’re an analog junkie, you’ll want to pick up the tape for it. That’s right: cassette. What began on a couch lead to discussions, admiration, and now creation, and you can hear what they were able to put together here on their new effort.

SOME STUFFS: IV The Polymath releases “side a // side b” as a cassingle

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If you’re a fan of indie rock, punk, or other forms of underground music, you’ll know that one of the current trends is purchasing a release on cassette. There has been a small handful of hip-hop releases on cassette, but one word that I haven’t come across yet is cassingle. At least until now.

side a // side b is the appropriate name for the new cassingle by IV The Polymath, featuring “C.R.E.A.M” as the A-side, and “007” as the flip side. They look like this:
 photo IVPoly_CASS_zpsfa336529.jpg

You can purchase your copy by clicking over to It is 2013 so yes, you are able to purchase it digitally, which you may do so by clicking the Bandcamp player below (or heading here.)