VIDEO: Grey Granite & J. Brookinz featuring’s “Colorful Mask (Remix)”

Grey Granite and J. Brookinz hook up with for a really cool track and now video. This is taken from the Grey Granite & J. Brookinz album Lust Poisons Pride.

SOME STUFFS: Grey Granite & J. Brookinz reveal a bit of their musical “Lust”

I’m someone who doesn’t normally care for album trailers unless they’re really good one, and this one is. Grey Granite & J. Brookinz have teamed up for an album they’re calling Lust Poisons Pride, and it will be released via iTunes on Monday, February 22nd. It’s a mixture of hi-NRG electro with a lot of sonic chaos going on, as the music in this commercial indicates.

For more sonic mayhem between Grey Granite & J. Brookinz, check out their blog at

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