FREE MP3 DL: J-Live featuring Ekundayo’s “Microphone Stamina”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard once did a song written with The Genius where he talked about “stanima” which also rhymed with Panana and having a suntanama, but J-Live is doing his own thing about rhyming with a keen sense of “Microphone Stanima”. The song will be on his forthcoming album How Much Is Water? and this one features some help from Ekundayo. You may pre-order the album from Bandcamp below available in a number of different bundles that will be out on CD and cassette, as well as digital. No vinyl pressing for this one right now but it is being considered.

AUDIO: L’Orange & Kool Keith featuring J-Live’s “The Traveler”

Mello Music Group will release a new album on July 24th that unites L’Orange and the cocoa butter master, Kool Keith. The project is called Time? Astonishing! and you may have a listen to one of the songs from it, called “The Traveler”. It also welcomes in J-Live for nothing but niceness. The album (as MP3’s) can be pre-ordered from Amazon below.


AUDIO: J-Live’s “Red & The Kid”

It’ll be another month before J-Live releases his new album His Own Self but you don’t have to wait to hear another song from it. This one is called “Red & The Kid”, complete with Greg Nice samples heard to make this quite nice.

AUDIO: J-Live’s “I Just Don’t”

Perhaps J-Live heard a Murray Roman record one day and said to himself “get above yourself, look down upon yourself ’til you’re inside yourself” and thought “hey, I’m just going to be myself, which is maybe why his new album is titled His Own Self. That will be out next month on the 17th so as winter comes to an official end, he’ll be welcoming the new season with new music and for you, one of those new songs is being presented here. This is called “I Just Don’t”, and he tells you why he doesn’t, and even does it with a vocalized melody. You can pre-order the full album via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: J-Live’s “Around The Sun (Solstice)/8 Minutes”

As 2014 slowly comes to an end, it’s safe to say J-Live will continue to display his talents through 2015 and beyond. Not sure if this is the absolute last visual piece he is releasing this year but this one is a 2-for-1 special as it combines “Around The Sun (Solstice)” with “8 Minutes”, both taken from his Around The Sun album.

FREE DL: J-Live’s “I Am A Man (American Justice)”
A new song by J-Live should logically make news, but in this vast world within the social media, some of the best music out there could be ignored but I want people to know about it. His new song is called “I Am A Man (American Justice)”, a statement that should be heard and examined, perhaps you can relate to it. The song is available in three different mixes for your listening and/or DJ’ing pleasures, and while the downloads are for free, consider choosing the “name your price” option and place a few digital bills his way.

SOME STUFFS: J-Live returns once more with “Around The Sun”
J-Live is back with a brand new album called Around The Sun and for this one, he brings on twelve new songs, some of which feature the talents of Tanya Morgan, Rome Supreme, Ekundayo, Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and Sam London helping out a bit. If it’s J-Live, you know it’s music you don’t want to mess with, or mess with it in a good way.