VIDEO: J.Quest’s “Hapa Boy”

J. Quest has roots in Hawai’i but now calls San Francisco home and he released an EP last August called Son Of A City Worker. If you’ve heard any hip-hop from Hawai’i in the last 10 to 20 years, you’ll sense what he’s doing here with the vibe he has but he’s very much a Cali man, which you’ll hear as he describes what it means to be a “Hapa Boy”, hapa being the Hawaiian word to describe someone who is “half and half” in terms of ethnicity. The song was produced by Posafe while the video was done with director Ty Lerrani. You can check out the EP below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: J Quest featuring Leilani Angel’s “Just My Style”

With a record collection that includes The System’s Don’t Disturb This Groove, A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders, The Stylistics’ Let’s Put It All Together, Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, Gang Starr’s Daily Operation, Ohio Players’ Honey, and War’s almighty 1972 album The World Is A Ghetto, J Quest starts his day off right and realizes he needs to get out in the world to take care a bit of business which may include a stroll down Clement Street, which is exactly what he does in his new video for the Dregs1-produced “Just My Style”, directed by Mario Heard. As for his style, any day that begins with browsing your own crates is a good thing but those who care for style knows it’s more than just making sure you don’t have too much seam splits or ring wear. On top of that, he has a lady with him, which means who cares about that damn ring wear. On top of that, the song also features Leilani Angel and anyone who is named Leilani takes it back to the homeland for me so hui, we go eat.