AUDIO: The Regiment’s “Wake Up”

Adam Wallenta, who is also known as Illus in some circles, designed the cover for this new single by The Regiment so investigate this audio specimen and hear “Wake Up”, handled nicely on the production side from J. Rawls. A video for the song, directed by Rick Foy, will be on its way soon.

VIDEO: J Rawls featuring Rashad’s “Rio”

You may know Casual as part of the Hieroglyphics crew but he serves as director of this video by J. Rawls, who has put together what he is saying will be his last album as an artist, The Legacy, which was released last week. He is offering thanks to those who have taken him through his journey and with this song, he finds himself in “Rio”, whick takes him through Brasilia where Rashad helps him out on this mission.


FREE MP3 DL: J. Rawls featuring Masta Ace’s “Bills”

Columbus, Ohio is where J. Rawls resides and he has a new song called “Bills”, which isn’t about posting them on city walls but the kind of bills that need to be paid. He brings in someone who will forever known for his friendship with the Biz but Masta Ace is helping out with his perspective of the bills and let’s it groove nicely in this song produced by Bombeardo. The song will find it’s way on Rawls’ forthcoming album The Legacy.


 photo Swaggt_cover_zpsd36f29d3.jpg Wouldn’t you love to be able to get your favorite albums or singles, slice it and place it between two slices of bread, maybe even a bagel or a sweet bread roll? The guys in SwAGG!T did, and while it’s impossible to slice sound, you can make a metaphorical crafty sandwich if you wish, which is what they’ve done for their album Food For You, featuring productions from folks like Knxwledge, Herring Franky, SoulShoes Beats,
BuddahSPK, and even Madlib. 12 tracks of good sounds served up Maryland style but with a bit of Tennessee essence, showing hints of the Native Tongue with the spontaneity of Outkast. Like how that sounds? Wait until you actually hear it. You might want to add gravy to it.

VIDEO: Cas Metah & Wonder Brown featuring Copywrite & Elias”Drowning Man”

Find some elements, combine them and see what happens. That’s what happened here with Cas Metah & Wonder Brown, who put together “Drowning Man” with producer J. Rawls and got Copywrite and Elias into the mix. For the video, Wes Pendleton directed it and added his visual expertise to compliment the music.

The track is from Cas Metah & Wonder Brown’s collaborative album, The Darke Bros. (Illect), which is available now.

VIDEO: Liquid Crystal Project’s “Equinox”

J Rawls (production), Rob Riley (drums), B Jazz (keyboards/production), Eddie Bayard and Charles Cooper (saxophonest) are a new quintet who want to be known as the Liquid Crystal Project, and for “Equinox” they play the kind of smoothed out soul/jazz that helped to create a lot of children in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s. If you like passion fruit, take a bite of this musical junk juices.

The video was directed by Charles Ewing.