AUDIO: Frank Nitt featuring Illa J’s “Slippin'”

Frank Nitt is the shiznit and he will be doing it more on May 26th when he drops his new album <iFrankie Rothstein. To take a listen to what is lurking inside, have a listen to the J-Rocc-produced “Slippin'”, which features Illa J. Together, they may not tell any secrets but they do share stories they feel you will approve of. Start approving.

FREE MP3 DL: Axel F. featuring Oh No’s “All Day”

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Last week, Axel F. offered a performance video of “Sofa Coins“. This week, J. Rocc and MED get into a not-heated exchange with Oh No for something called “All Day”, which is something they like to play. Yeah yeah!

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Axel F. featuring Balance & The Traveling Sounds’ “Sofa Coins (Live)”

When Beat Junkies DJ J-Rocc and rapper MED collaborated and got involved for a live video performance, Rocc casually did his DJ thing and the highlight of the video is when he gives up a casual peace sign, as if to say “friends, it’s nothing but a thing, let’s rock this.”
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That’s exactly what Rocc and MED, as Axel F, did while hooking up with the group Balance & The Traveling Sounds (BTS for short) at a Burbank, California record store called Backside Records. A recording and video crew went there specifically to archive the event, and this is what happened. The song is now on Axel F.’s Sofa Set EP, and you may watch the video and download the MP3 (while supplies last) as well.

REVIEW: J-Rocc’s “Some Cold Rock Stuf”

Photobucket The best hip-hop DJ’s/producers out there are those who are known to “speak” with their hands, a way of talking about their skills on the 1’s and 2’s (and in Cut Chemist‘s case, 3’s, 4’s, and sometimes 13.7’s). Anyone who respects DJ’ing and turntablism knows that J-Rocc has always been a hero for those skills and simply knowing how to rock the party/moment/atmopshere at any time. He reads the crowds, and rather than give them what they want, he may say “this record is definitely what you need to eat, now fit in”. After 19 years of solid work with the Beat Junkies, countless collaborations and live sets on his own, J-Rocc has finally released an album under his own name.

The title says it all: Some Cold Rock Stuf Stones Throw. The tracks here are a nice selection of quality samples, basslines, and beats, but they are well-constructed sound structures in their own right, not just a mere beat tape everyone will rip from and say “yeah, I found this shit”. I would say if you like the works of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, RJD2, Nobody, and El-P, you will find a bit of commonality in Some Cold Rock Stuf. I think this is an album J-Rocc has always been capable of doing but… why he waited so long, I don’t know but I’m glad he did it and did it in this fashion. Those who are audio/sound/sample junkies will love this from start to finish, wondering what he did to make these somewhat-familiar sounds sound the way they do. Are they filtered, are they 8k or 16k or did he run them on cassette before transferring them back to digital? Here to know and you to sound it out. It’s a damn good album that’l’l make other self-proclaim beat junkies give up their records and become janitors.

(You can order this on vinyl, CD, and digital directly from Stones Throw Records, or from the Amazon links shown below.)

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Mochilla: 10 Year Anniversary Part 2 (The Studio Sessions)

The Sounds of VTech / Mochilla 10 Part 2   

The good people of Mochilla have uploaded another segment of their 10 Year Anniversary mix, and there’s a lot of goodies on this one. Here’s the track listing:

1. King Ruly & Toy Selectah! – Bumpin Time! (Sistema Local Mexmix Version)- Keepintime
2. DJ Shadow – Roy’s Theme – Keepintime
3. Clutchy Hopkins – Thanks Mochilla – Timeless
4. King Britt – The Radcliff Remix – Timeless
5. Nobody – Song For Sophia – You Can Know Her – Keepintime
6. Suite for Ma Dukes – Morning Order – Timeless
7. Quantic – Cumbia de Mochilla – Mochilla
8. J.Rocc – Dirty Fingered B-Boy Edit – Keepintime
9. Arthur Verocai – Karina – Timeless
10. Te’Amir – Yekermo Sew Remix – Timeless
11. Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew – Timeless
12. Black Spade – Fall in Love Remix – Timeless
13. Suite for MaDukes EP – Fall in Love – Timeless
14. DJ Nuts – From SP On My 303 – Keepintime
15. Suite for Ma Dukes – Angel – Timeless
16. Jackson Conti – Sunset at Sujinho – Brasilintime
17. Suite for MaDukes – Antiquity – Timeless
18. Oh No – A Remix in 3 Parts – Keepintime
19. Jackson Conti – Papaya – Brasilintime
20. Suite for Ma Dukes – Stakes Is High – Timeless