AUDIO: Kosha Dillz featuring Kyle Rapps’ “Chump Change”

A brand new track about Kosha Dillz is of interest for a few reasons. 1) It is produced by J57 of the Brown Bag All-Stars so by default, you know it has to be damn good without ever listening so just run off, do something else with your own life. Want to know if my words are true? Press play.

2) The song brings in Kyle Rapps for raps so boom, you know it? Need more proof? Press play.

New music from each of them will be on their way.

VIDEO: Koncept & J57 featuring Akie Bermiss’ “The Fuel”

Koncept and J57 have been dropping subtle hits for their forthcoming EP The Fuel but now you get a chance to see the song its name after. The video for the title track features Akie Bermiss and if you’re a fan of his, you’ll know he has worked with J57 before. Director Jon Kilmer put this together for everyone and it’s a nice effort.

VIDEO: ElSphinx featuring Giant Gorilla Dog Thing’s “Pork Swordsmen (J57 Remix)”

ElSphinx is here to offer you a new track called “Pork Swordsmen” and not only that, the song also features Giant Gorilla Dog Thing. Want it better? J57 of Brown Bag All-Stars handled the remix and you’re able to hear it until your heart is content. The original mix is on ElSphinx’s new album Brain Cave Deluxe.

FREE MP3 DL: Young Planet featuring Koncept & J57’s “Climb to Power (Remix)”

If you didn’t pick up the new EP by Young Planet, you may not have heard Ciddia and Eibol’s new EP as Young Planed called Snow Ocean. The EP is free and if you did get it, you’ll want to hear this, as it’s a remix of “Climb To Power” which features Koncept and J57, a bit of Brown Bag All-Stars representation. Download this one because it’s free too, while supplies last.

SOME STUFFS: J57 creates a new edition of “The Analog Tape”
25 minutes of brand new music from J57 has to be heard, and you can with his brand new “tape”, The Analog Tape 2. It’s the follow-up to his mix from three years ago and it seems even with everything he has produced in the last 36 months, he felt it was time to make something new. Hopefully it will not slow him down from making more music for his fans.

VIDEO: DJ Rhettmatic featuring J57 & Koncept’s “Louis Vuitton Wallets”

Rhettmatic rarely takes time for a break and when he does, you’re not there to see him, you must allow him to chill like EPMD. He was able to get J57 and Koncept to come up with a concept for a song and they formalized “Louis Vuitton Wallets” quite nicely, as posted here in audio form a little over two weeks ago. Could this become the next fashion statement or should this be a statement of how to live? Up to you, dudettes. The video was shot by John Coyne.