AUDIO: DJ Rhettmatic featuring J57 & Koncept’s “Louis Vuitton Wallets”

The superfresh Rhettmatic has produced a new track, and this one features J57 and Koncept, which may make you think you heard this on a comp from 2001 or 2003, it’s that good. “Louis Vuitton Wallets” is what you’ll be looking for in your pockets, so pull one out if you have them and make something rain. J57 and Koncept will be releasing an EP and album very soon, and while the song is not part of either project, it’s a way to let you know what you can be expecting in the months to come.

VIDEO: Allen Poe’s “Know What I Got”

Allen Poe has created another video for his Pocket Full Of Ohms album, this one produced by J57 called “Know What I Got”. If you don’t know what Allen Poe has yet, go get it. That last sentence also has a double meaning, a way to say “if you haven’t heard the new album yet, then go get it.”

FREE MP3 DL: Devine Carama’s “Underground Rap Road”

 photo DevineCaramaURR_cover_zps73646ff5.jpg
Devine Karama is back again with a bit more Kentucky hip-hop flavor, this one touching on the “Underground Rap Road” that may not exist to some, but is very much a voyage that is often unfulfilled. J57 helps him out on the mission and together they get to where it is needed for survival. Underground Rap Road (produced by J57) by Devine Carama

FREE MP3 DL: J57 featuring Denmark Vessey & Tenacity’s “DETLANY”

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J57 is about a week away from being ready to release a free EP called Wax Aesthetic and… okay, he could probably release it right now but he wants to create a bit of momentum, make his fans wait in anticipation for what will no doubt be a very good set of new music from him. The song is called “DETLANY”, written out completely in capital letters as it represents the cities of Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York. PJ Katz produced this and brought in Tenacity and Denmark Vessey to compliment an already fine and mighty cut.

FREE MP3 DL: Coarse Company featuring J57 & Natalie Andrea’s “City Hurts”

 photo CoarseCompany_cover_zps02a0c127.jpg
Tenacity and Koncept are working together under the moniker Coarse Company, and together they bring to you “City Hurts”, a song that also features J57 and Natalie Andrea. If the thought of these four is making your brain warp, wait until you hear it.

FREE MP3 DL: Allen Poe’s “Know What I’ve Got”

 photo AllenPoe_cover_zpsc030c286.jpg
Pocket Full Of Ohms is the forthcoming album (his third) from rapper Allen Poe, and as a means to let everyone know about this new effort, he was able to get a chance to work with producer J57. You want to know what Allen Poe got? You want to know what J57 is putting into this, you want to know what he got? They got the goods, and they share some of that with everyone in a song called “Know What I’ve Got” and now that you know, do something about it (but make sure that something is good.)

VIDEO: Koncept’s “40 oz Spliffs (J57 Remix)”

What is fresher than fresh? I would have to make a suggestion: the J57 remix of Koncept’s “40 oz. Spliffs”. Roll this one up and pass it around, for this is going to make you want to take and toke and keep it in your skull. The song is from J57’s remix EP of various tracks from the Koncept release, so if you haven’t heard the original or the remixes, take those coins out of your International Coffee can with the leftover weed, and spend some kala on it.

VIDEO: Blame One & J57 featuring Akie Bermiss’ “How Much Time’s Left”

In our existence, we do not know how much time we have left in this world. As Prince once said, things are much harder than in the perceived afterworld, so we must do what we can to remain sane from conception to completion. Blame One and J57 decided to put that into song with “How Much Time’s Left”, and by bringing in Akie Mermiss into the mix, it helps them to convey the message they’re trying to get across. This is a great song, all of hip-hop should salute this, which comes from the Walk In The Sun album.

VIDEO: J57 featuring Nitty Scott, MC’s ”Like A Prayer” HERE

Any good J57 is good J57, and with Nitty Scott, MC taking a place in the song, it cannot be anything but good. For some, it may be like a dream to them but this song is simply called “Like A Prayer” and with the help of Deejay Element, they’re about to take you there where you need to be. Civil put together the video for everyone and now you can witness the goodness in the comfort of your whatevers. The song is from The Ports EP EP.

FREE DL: DJ Caesar featuring Koncept, J57 & Mike Maven’s “Mathematics Freestyle”

 photo DJCaesar_cover_zpsad998afb.jpg
Reliving the 90s is perhaps some of us would like/love to do, and maybe it is something hip-hop music drastically needs to do. DJ Caesar knows the deal, and thus he will be doing that big of reliving on his forthcoming street album, and this is a slice of what’s on there, a track bringing in Koncept, J57, and from Young Pandas, Mike Maven. It is a mere “Mathematics Freestyle” but a quality freestyle is anything but mere.