SOME STUFFS: Stream Jack Beats’ new EP in full

In full, as in “three songs”, but it’s music you are able to listen to for free before you decide to buy it. It’s the new Jack Beats EP called Remixed Vol. II (OWSLA). Three weeks ago I presented to you a song remixed by A-Trak, now you’re able to hear more. Two more, as a matter of fact, so have a blast with this.

AUDIO: Jack Beats’ “Just A Beat (A-Trak Remix)”

 photo JackBeatsRVII_cover_zps6253e805.jpg
Here’s a question for you: how many of you know Jack Beats? Okay. Now how many of you would jack beats? Hmmm. Alright, how about this question: how many of you would jack beats? This was said with a slightly different emphasis, I’ll repeat it once more: how many of you would jack beats? Got it. One last question: how many jack Beats would you know?

Now that the question portion of this post is over, I’d like to let you know that Jack Beats will be releasing the Remixed Vol. 1 EP on OWSLA, and the A-Trak remix of “Just A Beat” (a Jack Beats’ beat) is here for your ear to get down to. The EP also features remixes by UZ and Clockwork, thus it’s UZ and Clockwork doing re-beats of Jack Beats’ beats. Which then leads me to the question: how many UZ jack would beats Clockwork Beats? Nevermind.