SOME STUFFS: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey move forward with “Worker”

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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey have been recording and performing for twenty years and in 2014, they are going to release their second album in a year with Worker (Royal Potato Family), their 26th (!!!) album, on October 14th, and will get themselves out on the road in support of it:
October 8… Norman, OK (The Deli)
October 9… Austin, TX (The Parish)
October 11… New Orleans, LA (Snug Harbor)
October 16 & 17… Denver, CO (DazzleJazz)
October 18… Santa Fe, NM (Santa Fe University of Art and Design)
October 21… San Diego, CA (Winston’s)
October 22… Los Angeles, CA (The Mint)
October 23 & 24… Oakland, CA (Duende)
October 25… Nevada City, CA (Crazy Horse)
October 26… Petaluma, CA (Zodiacs)
October 28… Cottage Grove, OR (Axe and Fiddle)
October 29… Zig Zag, OR (Skyway Bar and Grill)
October 30… Portland, OR (The Goodfoot)
October 31… Olympia, WA (Rhythm and Rye)
November 1… Seattle, WA (Earshot Jazz Festival)
November 10… Columbus, OH (Dick’s Den)
November 11… Cleveland, OH (The Grog Shop)
November 13… Cambridge, MA (The Lily Pad)
November 14… New York, NY (Zinc Bar)
November 15… Burlington, VT (Radio Bean)

For a sampling of what’s on the new album, listen to “Betamax” or watch a brief video on the making of Worker.

SOME STUFFS: Mike Dillon Band, Jacob Fred Jazz Odysey to tour western America together

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If you are a fan of the Mike Dillon Band and/or Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, you will now have a chance to see them together when they tour the western half of the United States. Check them out if you can, they’re even playing a number of small market cities:

March 19… Boulder, CO (Shine)
March 20… Fort Collins, CO (Hodi’s Half Note)
March 21… Denver, CO (Other Side)
March 25-26… Moscow, ID (John’s Alley)
March 28… Missoula, MT (Top Hat)
March 29… Richland, WA (Emerald)
March 30… ZigZag, OR (Skyway)
April 1… Seattle, WA (Tractor Tavern)
April 2… Olympia, WA (Urban Onion)
April 3… Portland, OR (Goodfoot Lounge)
April 5… San Francisco, CA (Boom Boom Room)
April 7… Long Beach, CA (Lava Lounge)
April 8… San Diego, CA (Winston’s)
April 10… Santa Fe, NM (Warehouse 21)
April 11… Norman, OK (The Deli)

Mike Dillon will be releasing a new album on April 1st called Band Of Outsiders while JFJO will be celebrating 20 years as a band this year with an album made for Record Store Day (April 19th) this year called Millions: Live In Denver. Both releases come courtesy of The Royal Potato Family.

SOME STUFFS: There’s a Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey “Riot” goin’ on

One of my favorite bands, Oklahoma’s Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, are about to release a new album on August 30th called Race Riot Suite (Kinnara Records/Royal Potato Family), to be released on vinyl and the trendy digital formats of compact disc and MP3. This is their 21st album, and in true jazz form, is a suite that is meant to tell a story. In this case the suite was written by the band’s steel guitarist Chris Combs, and is meant to tell the tragic story of the 1921 Tulsa race riot. As some of you know, I am a fan of the long song and especially lengthy suites, so I am ready to explore when this is released. It is a bold statement not unlike those written by Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and Charles Mingus, and Race Riot Suite will become a part of that tradition. The band will perform the album in full while on tour, so be on the lookout for JFJO greatness.

SOME STUFFS: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey record new album, get ready for U.S./European tour

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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey aren’t keeping fans waiting too long for a new release, as they are currently recording new music for what will be a follow-up to last year’s One Day In Brooklyn EP (reviewed here). The current line-up of Brian Haas, Josh Raymer Chris Combs and Matt Hayes will release a new album in June, so these tour dates will be the first chance the public will hear a number of new songs. They start at home in OK before ending this tour in the UK:

February 2 | The Deli | Norman, OK
February 4 | Winston’s | San Diego, CA
February 6 | The Mint | Los Angeles, CA
February 10 | Moe’s Alley | Santa Cruz, CA
February 11 | Beatnick Studios | Sacramento, CA
February 12 | Coda | San Francisco, CA
February 13 | Hopmonk Tavern | Sebastopol, CA
February 14 | Red Fox Tavern | Eureka, CA
February 17 | High Dive | Seattle, WA
February 18 | Eastside Club | Olympia, WA
February 19 | Mississippi Studios | Portland, OR
March 3 | A-Trane | Berlin, Germany
March 6 | Jazz Dock | Prague, Czech Republic
March 9 | Nya Perspektiv | Vasteras, Sweden
March 11 | Fasching Jazz Club | Stockholm, Sweden
March 13 | Turku Jazz Festival | Turku, Finland
March 15 | Cafe Wilhelmina | Eindhoven, Netherlands
March 19 | Cafe Alto | Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 22 | Teatro Alfierri | Cagliari, Italy
March 31 | The Jazz Bar | Edinburgh, Scotland
April 1 | Vortex | London, United Kingdom

REVIEW: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey’s “One Day In Brooklyn”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The idea of how one should “expect the unexpected” is maybe a played out cliche, and one that I admit to using a lot to describe songs or albums by bands that offer a bit of adventure. In this case, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey are a jazz group who are adventurous, but fans have come to expect that adventure in everything that they do. If that’s a nicer way of saying “expect the unexpected”, so be it. On their brand new One Day In Brooklyn (Kinnara/The Royal Potato Family) the group have expanded for a moment to a quartet, adding Chris Combs on lap steel to add new twists to their always-changing approach to music.

Let’s get The Beatles reference out of the way, because there is one here. The new album features a well-arranged rendition of “Julia”, expanded from the song’s original 2:54 length to an incredible 7 minutes, where it at times sounds like those luxurious George Shearing-type albums from the early 60’s. Brian Haas has always been brilliant on the piano, but here he just takes the emotion and sentiment of the song and brings it home. But then the group wants to open the door to their “home” and start exploring.

“Country Girl” has the group mixing up jazz with a nod to country with the help of Combs and his lap steel guitar, but at one point the lap steel goes into a completely different direction and it sounds like a Mellotron. Psychedelic prog rock jazz? I don’t know, but the moment in the song when it makes that shift, it’s exciting to hear and feel but… is that the unexpected or simply expecting the “anything goes” attitude of this group? Their renditions of Abdullah Ibrahim‘s “Imam” and Rahsaan Roland Kirk‘s “The Black & Crazy Blues/A Laugh For Rory (For Joel Dorn)” (from Kirk’s The Inflated Tear album) are moving and will definitely appeal to fans of these two great jazz journeyman, for Haas, Josh Raymer (drums), and Matt Hayes (bass) have been a part of this exploration too, now joined by Combs.

It’s being promoted as an EP, but at 35 minutes this is legally a full length LP. But if the JFJO continue to make music like this, the format is of course important. For years the group have often been compared to modern jazz trios, but these guys are in their own league, their fans have known this for years. If the music on this is meant to represent One Day In Brooklyn, I think it would be a beautiful place to live in and be inspired to create.


SOME STUFF: New EP from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey means new shows to come

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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey are returning with a brand new album scheduled for release on September 1st called One Day In Brooklyn,on their own Kinnara label with the help of The Royal Potato Family (!!!) The lineup of the band consists of Josh Raymer (dms), Brian Haas (p), Chris Combs (lap steel guitar), and Matt Hayes (stand-up bass), which means they are now a quartet. Does this make you ting-a-lay?

Here comes more ting-a-lay feelings. This new EP features renditions of songs by Thelonious Monk, Abdullah Ibrahim, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and The Beatles, and two original tracks (“Drethoven” and “Country Girl“), all of which were recording during a one day session at 58NS Studios in Williamsburg, somewhere in Brooklyn.

Triple dose of the tingles? You’ll be happy to know that the JFJO will be playing with a number of different people on this tour, including a few dates where they’re opening for Phish bassist Mike Gordon, so road adventures should be interesting.

You can pre-order One Day In Brooklyn today through CD Universe.

SOME STUFFS: On the road again with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

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It almost seems as if these guys are never off the road, and that’s a good thing. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey are going on tour once again, in time for festival season, and they may be performing songs from their forthcoming EP. Yes, that means even more new music from JFJO. Here are the confirmed dates.

June 4 | Wakarusa Music Festival | Ozark, AR
June 12 | Jardine’s | Kansas City, MO
June 13 | Jardine’s | Kansas City, MO
June 17 | Elbo Room | San Francisco, CA
June 18 | Starry Plough | Berkeley, CA (w/ Antioquia)
June 19 | Starry Plough | Berkeley, CA
June 20 | Jambalaya | Arcata, CA
June 24 | First Street Pub & Grill | Nederland, CO
June 25 | B-Side Lounge | Boulder, CO (w/ Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble)
June 26 | Owsley’s Golden Road | Denver, CO (w/ Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble)
July 9 | Piazza at Schmidt’s | Philadelphia, PA
July 10 | The Lizard Lounge | Boston, MA (w/ Club D’Elf)
July 11 | The Lizard Lounge | Boston, MA (w/ Club D’Elf)
July 14 | The Iron Horse | Northampton, MA
July 17 | Downright Music & Arts | Collinsville, CT
July 18 | Joe’s Pub | New York, NY