VIDEO: Maleiva Kem & James Klynn’s “Cold Path (short film)”

This new one by Maleiva Kem & James Klynn is a new extension of the Freedom Hall movement, it’s a bit more than a casual music video but more of a “short film” with a brief story involved. It’s a bit more freeform but very much what they’re about as artists and creators, and I like what they’ve done here. I look forward to seeing and hearing more.

FREE DL: James Klynn & Maleiva Kem’s “Everything I Do”

 photo KlynnKemEID_cover_zps6b1e6647.jpg
The Freedom Hall collective offer a very nice track in early June, this one by James Klynn & Maleiva Kem and produced by Jazzo and Melodiesinfonie, where things start off in a soulful manner before the rhymes drop. According to Klynn, “this is a Record I wrote in dedication to my Freedom Hall Family, Everything I Do Is For You, I’ve never been surrounded by this many talented people at one time in my life! You all inspire me to work harder as an artist.. The cover may bring back thoughts of psychedelia or humbleness and love, but whatever mind game works for you, let it lead to the appreciation of “Everything I Do”.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Jessica Stackpoole’s “Telling The Truth”

Jessica Stackpoole photo JStackpoole_cover2_zps7a29f768.jpg One might say that seeking the truth is about seeking what is right, and perhaps what is right for the individual. Vocalist Jessica Stackpoole talks about this and how these things will impact her in a track produced by Bueller and James Klynn called “Telling The Truth”, and I’m highlighting it as my BANDCAMP SUGGESTION for the week because I like what the track is about. It’s personal, direct and to the point, and I think the sharing of that is healthy and one that can benefit all, just as I feel this song can do. It is part of the Freedom Hall collective, so have a listen.

FREE DOWNLOAD: James Klynn & Yeek’s “Last Sunset”

James Klynn & Yeek
The description for this tracks goes a little something like “Yeek produced this track that blends together sounds that create this open mental space to just chill in. As your vibing to the music, James Klynn comes in and hits you with this delivery of mingled thoughts and intricate feelings. Short and sweet..” Sure, but does it work? I love the ethereal feel of the intro before the drums kick in at 0:48 and the vocals at 2:08. Yes, it takes the song going half way through before you hear its first word, but that works for me. This is thinking man’s hip-hop with the kind of production that is thought provoking, or at least you expect to hear something but you thirst for its grooves within the void, and realize there was never a void to begin with. Excellent song.

VIDEO: Maleiva Kem & James Klynn’s “Gangsta Lean”

The Freedom Hall collective have offered a choice track with a massive sound that is too big to be ignored. They call it “Gangsta Lean”, which brings together Maleiva Kem and James Klynn in a song that may come in time for winter in the northern hemisphere, but has just enough mmmph to keep you warm until the spring sunshine comes back again. The vibe of the video is the opposite of the third verse in the video for Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal”, but is definitely as satisfying in its own way.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: James Klynn & Family’s “V”

When an artist creates great music, I eagerly await what they do next. I’m a sucker for good concepts and themes in songs, EP’s, and albums, so when someone I like does something that I also enjoy, I’m wanting to eat that up like a box of malasadas. The Freedom Hall collective have done this once again, as James Klynn & Family create V, an album that is based on the film V for Vendetta. While you may see that visually, you’ll have to take a listen to hear how Klynn, Spudd Brown, Passion Ward, and Maleiva Kem put things together, and let me just say that I wouldn’t be posting it here if I wasn’t in favor of the end result.

The album is being made available as a free download, so stream and listen, and then take the experience with you for repeat listens.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Maleiva Kem & James Klynn’s “Cold Path”

The Freedom Hall collective offers up a bright new track, and this time Maleiva Kem teams up with James Klynn to offer “Cold Path” with a nice blend of soul and hip-hop, done in a manner that will be favorable for everyone.