FREE DOWNLOAD: James Klynn & Family’s “The Avatar”

If you are a fan of the Nickelodeon cartoon series Avatar or the film that was based on it, The Last Airbender, you’ll know that the storyline is child-friendly but goes beyond child’s play. It’s about a young child with incredible wisdom to move things with the power that he has, but those who feel they know about that power want to control him so they can control it. They want someone else’s power instead of their own. Within the storyline is the realization that the kid may have an old soul, and where does that old soul come from? That has always been the subject of cultural significance, if something that defines a people can truly be passed on from generation to generation and if so, is it always in us? If not part of our DNA, how do we learn it, how much to we learn when we know it has to be learned, and do we shape it to benefit us or is it more about bringing everyone from the past towards whatever the future has in store? I know this because my nephew was a huge fan of the cartoon series, and with it being true to a number of Asian philosophies and cultural beliefs through metaphors, I loved what it said and wanted to teach to its viewers.

That concept has been put into music with James Klynn and his musical family, and together as Freedom Hall, they have showed the power of good, friendship and unity and how that fight for it is perhaps the one thing that unifies us across the world. Some don’t see it that way, but the fight is to show why that thought process is worthy of that fight. That is what makes up the 5-song album known as The Avatar, a set of music that shows hints of the future with flashes of the past, in order to provide guidance on what we need to do today. Balancing hip-hop and soul in a manner that is respectable to both, it’s songs that help to define and redefine Freedom Hall’s mission, which in turn questions why not many are doing the same thing. It moves you to think of the music and your own stance on life, where you are, and maybe where you should be. Music is best when it makes an investment in the mind, and when the mind invests in the music. The Avatar sinks in because it knows it belongs there, bringing out what may be in your consciousness, or what your consciousness has already been longing for

FREE DOWNLOAD: James Klynn’s “I’ll Think Of You”

James Klynn of the Freedom Hall collective has released a brand new song called “I’ll Think Of You”, where he takes a song source of sympathy, turns it inside out and reveals it as something romantic. I love the feel, because at first it begins like a movie, then like a record that you might have discovered at a thrift store or yard sale, before it hits hard with the ol’ boom bap. The line “yesterday’s paper/not relevant in these skyscrapers” stands out for me, and I think the lyrics stand out because they’re… well, written. It’s effort, it’s thought, it’s motivation, it’s ambition, it’s a song that isn’t done just for the sake of making something that’ll sound dope. For me, it’s a bit more and I hope that “more” is what brings people into hearing more from Klynn.

SOME STUFFS: Join Lost Lineage on their voyage to seek the truth

James Klynn and Passion have been doing some nice music in recent months, but they have finally settled on a name that may be what they’re trying to protect and hold true, as well as to try seek and find what has been lost over time. Their name is Lost Lineaage, and this is their brand new single called “Come With Me”, which may be what they could be saying to each other, but also to you, the fan, as a way to say “come join us to seek and find what has been lost”. What is the lineage that they speak of? The possibilities have yet to be explained, but will be when they released Electric Forest, due out in a few weeks.

FREE DOWNLOADS: James Klynn & Spudd Brown/Freedom Hall

James Klynn has two new projects to share with everyone. Both feature Spudd Brown, with the James/Brown project being one of those laid back songs with a bit of inspirational motivation, while Freedom Hall brings them together with C Miner and Passion and will be appealing for fans of true soul music.

You can listen and stream, or download them for free (as 320kbps MP3’s or lossless files) with the players below, or click to this link via Bandcamp at Freedom Hall.

REVIEW: James Klynn’s “Hey Love” (EP)

Photobucket James Klynn has released a 4-song that may seem too short for some, but I think it’s perfect, especially as of late as I’ve been coming across some quality hip-hop EP’s. If this is the season of the EP, then may Hey Love be one that is worthy of celebration.

The four tracks here are based on Klynn looking and wanting love, or basically wanting something deeper than what he knows and what may be seen on the surface. If one is to use metaphors, it can apply to more than just a love between two people, but his lyrics here are direct without a need to say what is not intended. He reminds me a bit of MC’s like Thig Natural and Trek Life, storytellers who write what they see and know, and want out of life. My favorite song on this is the laid back “Why Don’t We”, with a well known drum break that is slowed down to where you know the source, but you love that it sounds like this in the context of this song, “appropriate sample use” if you will.

At the end of the EP, you hear the words “to be continued” so does this mean there will be more EP’s created in the same vein? Or will there be other EP’s with different topics, and the continuation has to do with his creating music? What Klynn does is trim the fat with his tracks and just offers it up, no questions asked, and makes a point for each song to hit its intended mental and emotional targets. Yes, I say emotional because these are songs with emotion, showing a bit of growth and continued maturity from previous projects. At the end of the last song, as the volume fades, I thought “no… is that it?” I thought this because I was hooked to the vibe he was creating, and I want to hear more. In another way, maybe it’s not about trimming the fat but merely listening to music with proper fat distribution. Or is that phat distribution? To be continued, hopefully very soon.