SOME STUFFS: Jaq knows the secret on how to “Escape From Radio Prison”

In music, television, and movies, people are always escaping something, away from the bad and towards something better. Jaq suggests that in terms of hip-hop, we need to Escape From Radio Prison, which happens to be the name of his brand new album. In preparation of the album, Illect Recordings have released “Holster” as the first single, this one featuring JustMe on the rhymes and DJ Promote mixing it up. You can take a listen with the Bandcamp player below. (If the player is not showing up, click here.)

Jaq is a German-producer who has been handling things on his own for awhile, and if you read your liner notes or go through Discogs like a fiend, you may have seen his name behind music for Sage Francis, MF DOOM, Buck 65, Illogic, and Homeboy Sandman.

As for Escape From Radio Prison, along with Homeboy Sandman, you’re going to be hearing loads of people who aren’t on mainstream radio but would probably assassinate the airwaves if they could (and they can), including Sev Statik, Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling, Manchild of Mars ILL, and Sivion among many others.

A release date has not been made public, but it is forthcoming.