FREE DL: DDay One’s “File Under: Love”
DDay One has assembled a 58 minute mix of love, romance, and tenderness in what he calls File Under: Love so if you need something to get you and a loved one in the mood or just need something to play on your long drive somewhere, check this free download through Bandcamp, featuring music from Jazzanova, Art Of Noise, Alice Coltrane, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Mos Def, Gang Starr, Dennis Coffey, and many more.

FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Honey Molasses: Jill Scott Remixes & Covers”
Have you ever looked at or listened to singer Jill Scott and said “damn, I wish I could pour honey all over her”? Well, maybe that’s rude, ignorant and borderline harassment depending on the situation, but perhaps that’s what DJ Rahdu had in mind when he put together this album of Jill Scott remixes called Honey Molasses, or maybe it was his way of saying “let’s combine the sounds, my influences, and see what kind of new sweetness I’m able to create”. No sorghum was involved in the creation of this. This is a one hour mix, so if you’d like to see the full tracking listing, click to the Bandcamp link of the mix for further information.

SOME STUFFS: Jazzanova is back for 2014 action

 photo JazzanovaNTIW_cover_zps53aa0b7f.jpg
The guys in Jazzanova are sometimes quiet, at least in the “making new music” department although with podcasts and other activities, they are never out of mind. They are releasing a new single, to be sold as a 10″ for you thirsty vinyl junkies, called “Now There Is We” and you can hear this “we” in the two excerpts below. Paul Randolph handles vocals in the vocal version, of course. The record will be out on February 7th.

Jazzanova will also be hitting the road, beginning with a summer tour next month in Brazil before they take a break and go through Europe during the spring

February 7… Recife, Brazil
February 8-9… Trancoso, Brazil
February 14… Rio, Brazil
February 15… Sao Paulo, Brazil
April 3… La Clusaz, France (Radio Meuh Circus Festival)
April 4… London, England (Village Underground)
April 5… Amsterdam, Netherlands (MC Theater)
April 18… Moscow, Russia (Arena Club)
April 19… St. Petersburg, Russia (Waiting Hall Club)
June 7… Klaipeda, Lithuania (Klaipeda Jazz Festival)
June 20… Bratislava, Slovakia (UFO)
June 21… Kosice, Slovakia (Kasarne Open Air)

AUDIO: Jazzanova featuring Vikter Duplaix’s “That Night (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix)”

Jazzanova photo JazzanovaPU_cover_zps1e976c44.jpg
Since the release of “That Night” in 2001, the Jazzanova song has gone through a number of impression transformations through the power of the remix. For Record Store Day this year, Sonik Kollectiv released a limited edition (300 copies) 12″ single of a new remix done by Paskal & Urban Absolutes, which lead people to wondering who they were, and what else they were doing. The production duo of Alexander Kastner and Adrian Hoffmann are about to reveal themselves in a major way with their debut album on Sonar Kollectiv this day, but to get a grasp of their capabilities, they currently have about 64 tracks on their Soundcloud page, so head there and explore what they’re about.

RECORD CRACK: Jazzanova release their Joe Bataan remix as a 10″

Joe Bataan has been making music for ages, and has a number of celebrated songs not only for fans of jazz, soul, and Latin music, but also for fans who acknowledge the Asian influence in his music (Bataan is part Filipino). He also co-founded the legendary Salsoul Records label, who brought forth a wealth of disco and dance records in the mid to late 70’s, including Instant Funk’s “I’ve Got My Mind Made Up”.

At the age of 70, Bataan is still doing his thing, and with the help of Germany’s Jazzanova, his classic “Ordinary Guy” has been revived. The Jazzanova Rework Extended Version of the song has been released today as a 10″ single by Sonar Kollektiv with newly recorded vocals by the man. Its B-side features the instrumental in full. Outside of ordering the 10″, you are also able to order it as MP3 and WAV files directly from Sonar Kollektiv by clicking here, and is available now. will have it available in the U.S. on November 6th.

VIDEO: Jazzanova’s “Let It Go (Funkhaus Sessions)”

If you are a fan of Jazzanova‘s latest album, Funkhaus Studio Sessions (my review can be read here), you may be a fan of the brand new video by the band, as one was created for the song “Let It Go”. Simple in-studio performance, nicely executed.

REVIEW: Jazzanova’s “Funkhaus Studio Sessions”

As a longtime Jazzanova fan, I looked forward to hearing more after reading about the release of a brand new album. Then I heard it was a live album. It went downhill from there.

Funkhaus Studio Sessions (Sonar Kollectiv) is a live album featuring vocalist Paul Rudolph, and he’s a fine vocalist but… this live album doesn’t work for me. I tried to like it, and after loving some of the remix and compilation projects the Jazzanova crew have done over the years, this live album falls flat. It truly sounds like everyone involved called it in, and this nothing against Jazzanova and what they’re capable of doing. Then one might ask: are they still capable of doing what they had done leading up to 2002’s In Between, or has the state of the music industry lead them to this point? It’s not that the musicianship on this is bad, because it’s not. However, it lacks that incredible push that I tend to feel from their music. If you want a better Jazzanova-related album, and a live album at that, pick up 2008’s Guaranteed Niceness, released as the Sonar Kollektiv Orchester. That album blew me away when I first heard it, and works far better than this does.

If there’s something good to be said about Funkhaus Studio Sessions, it’s the songs “I Human” and “Boom Clicky Boom Klack”. I would’ve preferred if the “I Human” single just had “Boom Clicky Boom Klack”, I would’ve been happy with just these two songs.

Big question: Jazzanova’s In Between celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and it seems what we are hearing is very much about being “in between” the next good things. When are we going to get the next good thing again? I’m waiting.

FINAL VERDICT: Funkhaus Studio Sessions is a decent casual listen, but for something that you’ll want to listen to in the future, pick up Guaranteed Niceness instead.