REVIEW: VTheGr8’s “The Pre-V Mixtape 2.0”

VTheGr8 photo VTheGr8_cover_zpsb0765ec6.jpg VTheGr8 has been dropping a string of songs in the last few months, and this has lead to the release of a street album called The Pre-V Mixtape 2.0, a title which (to me) suggests that something greater is just around the corner. However, this street album is done with the same consistency he has demonstrated in the songs he has dropped, and now this accumulated batch shows the kind of flows, styles, and songwriting capabilities he has. Even though hip-hop can sometimes be an ego fest, VTheGr8 plays with the idea of what fame can bring but understands that if it comes, it comes. It’s not a display of “I got this and that, and look at me because you don’t”, although he has the capabilities of going that route. There is a sense of confidence that I can hear from him, and that’s not to say he doesn’t show and prove, for he does. Yet this is someone who is establishing himself as a rapper/artist and while he may be waiting for an official album to validate him, I feel he already has what it takes to reach the level above the next level.

FREE MP3 DL: VTheGr8 featuring JBTheFirst & Wally Left’s “TheGetBack”

VTheGr8 is a 21-year old MC out of Chicago who may very well be walking ino the footsteps of those who came before him, but I have a feeling he will step away from that path and show people his own instinctive travels. “TheGetBack” is a new track featuring JBTheFirst and WallyLeft (a 17-year old from North Carolina), and it will appear on VTheGr8’s album 2.0.

Listen to the track and check out (in order of appearance):
Wally Left

Then download it and spread the word. The track was produced by Eddy Honda, a/k/a North Kai.