RECORD CRACK: Parenthetical Girls get involved in 5-part 12″ EP and video series

Parenthetical Girls “Evelyn McHale” from judesays on Vimeo.

Privilege (Slender Means Society) is the brand new album from Parenthetical Girls, but it’s not being released in one lump sum. Instead, the album will be sold as five individual 12″ EP’s, with the first, called On Death & Endearments, will be released on February 23rd.
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There will be a video made for one song from each EP, and the first is called “Evelyn McHale”. Here’s the track listing for the EP:
Side A
1. Evelyn McHale
2. Someone Else’s Muse

Side B
1. On Death & Endearments
2. Found Drama I

The great thing about this series/album is that they’re still recording it. Each EP will be released quarterly in a limited edition of 500 copies, and in May 2011, the last EP will be released with a special box so that you can store the previous four installments and be able to hear the album as one. The artwork is being done by Jenny Mörtsell, and in the tradition of another band who explored the idea of multiple records, Kiss, each EP will be hand-numbered in the blood of each band member. In the future, when it is possible for normal humans to use DNA to bring back the dead, maybe Parenthetical Girls will be able to tour again in 2281.

The entire series will also be available digitally, but what’s the fun in that?

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