RECORD CRACK: Joanna Gruesome to release split 7″ with Perfect Pussy

Two groups have teamed up to come up with songs ready for a split 7″ EP. Joanna Gruesome and Perfect Pussy are the two bands, with Perfect Pussy covering a Sugarcubes song (“A Leash Called Love”) while Joanne Gruesome take on a I Hate Myself track (“…And Keep Reaching For Those Stars”). For now, you may hear Joanna Gruesome’s other song on the record, “Psykick Espionage”.

AUDIO: Joanna Gruesome’s “Tugboat”

Galaxie 500 is the target of a cover version, this time by Joanna Gruesome, and the song in question is “Tugboat”. Everyone is having fun, including Joanne Gruesome, so have fun along with them. The track is the B-side to their forthcoming single for “Sugarcrush”.

VIDEO: Weaves’ “Take A Dip”

With CMJ on their minds this week, Weaves prepared a video by heading into a church and/or temple for musical worship with their video “Take A Dip” and when I dip, you dip, we dip, including Weaves.

You may or may not see them in clothes of worship this week, but if you are in NYC, find out where they’re playing and with whom… well, below:

October 15… Brooklyn, NY (Ran Tea House (Force Field PR showcase) {8:00pm} *
October 18… New York, NY (Santos Party House (Rice + Cheese showcase) {8:00pm} #

* = w/ Joanna Gruesome, The History of Apple Pie, Celestial Shore, etc.
# = w/ Saul Williams, Odonis Odonis & HSY

VIDEO: Joanna Gruesome’s “Sugarcrush”

Candy, hamburgers, and a roll of toilet paper with leftover fecal matter: these are some of the images you’ll catch (and perhaps smell) in “Sugarcrush”, the latest video from Joanna Gruesome. You may not see this during FOX’s Animation Domination but you’re sure to not see a lot of things in this video anywhere else. The song is from their Weird Sister album, which is currently being promoted by a tour that will bring them in and out of CMJ next week: Check your coordinates:

October 15… Brooklyn, NY (Cameo Gallery) (Oh My Rockness/Insound showcase)
October 15… Brooklyn, NY (Baby’s Alright) (Force Field PR showcase)
October 16… New York, NY (Pianos) (Kanine Records/SESAC) – 3:30pm
October 16… New York, NY (Pianos) (Old Flame Party) 7:45pm
October 17… New York, NY (Cakeshop) (Capeshow Presents) 12:00am
October 18… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) (Portals Music) 9:00pm
October 18… Brooklyn, NY (285 Kent) (Pitchfork showcase) 11:15pm
October 19… Brooklyn, NY (The Rock Shop) (Lost Colony party)
October 19… Brooklyn, NY (Death By Audio) (Agency Group showcase)

SOME STUFFS: Joanne Gruesome’s debut album streaming in full

 photo JoannaGruesome_old_zps5f3e5ac1.jpg
Weird Sister is Joanna Gruesome’s debut album set for release tomorrow via Slumberland (U.S.) and Fortuna Pop (Europe), but you can listen to it in full by heading to Pitchfork.

AUDIO: Joanna Gruesome’s “Sugarcrush”

 photo JoannaGruesome_old_zps2546ecd5.jpg
As the noise-pop quintet Joanna Gruesome are gearing up to release Weird Sister (Fortuna Pop!, Europe/Slumberland, US) on the 10th of September the Cardiff, England-rooted gang (NOTE: not really a gang) are sharing a track from it to let themselves be known. The song is called “Sugarcrush”.

As for the band, no word yet on any touring but they do have one concert scheduled in London at the end of the month:
August 31… London, England (The Victoria, Dalston)

They are said to be a band that must be watched in a live setting. Wherever they may be in the coming months, head there.