REVIEW: Bob Gluck’s “Something Quiet”

Photobucket It’s hard to determine what makes music “enticing”, but Something Quiet (FMR) is something at is very enticing but far from being a whisper. Bob Gluck (piano), along with Chrisopher Dean Sullivan (bass), and Joe Giardullo (soprano saxophone), play in a way that almost sounds like they are creating their own secret code, only known amongst themselves. Or at least the pace of the 11:40 “Waterway” almost establishes a key for the listener that says this: either you take us on as we are, or you are free to leave at any given time. The song at times sounds like there is no tempo, but rather they are adding in colors at the pace of a slow rainfall, and the hope is that by the time the song ends, you will see the initial parts of an illustrated picture. In this case, that picture is the music.

Then it gets fun.

The shortest song on this album is 7:13, so nothing here that is meant to be instant gratification. These are audio paintings and it’s great to hear how drawn out they are, how the playing takes you from one place to another, or basically they’re flirting with your brain to create the kind of vivid imagery that comes from playing this type of music. I love it.