FREE MP3 DL: John Grant’s “Black Belt (Dungeonesse Remix)”

John Grant photo JohnGrant_old_zpsd5961f83.jpg
John Grant is the man’s name, and he will be releasing an album on May 14th called Pale Green Ghosts (Partisan). With “Black Belt” released as a single, he has allowed a remix by Dungeonesse to be released, which you may download for free below.

Dungeonesse’s self-titled debut will be released by Secretly Canadian, also on May 14th.

FREE MP3 DL: John Grant’s “Black Belt”

John Grant photo JohnGrant_old_zpsb4003ba1.jpg
His photos make him look dignified, and his music? Equally so, but not in the way you may expect, especially if you judge a photo by its cover. Or something like that. This is John Grant and you may download his song “Black Belt”, which will be on his forthcoming album on Partisan Records called Pale Green Ghosts. I’m not allowed to embed a player, so you’ll have to click here to have a listen.