VIDEO: JoJo Pellegrino’s “Pretend”

There was a time in hip-hop’s recorded history that a number of MC’s would drop a song with a political view. Even if you weren’t in favor of it, you would listen. These days, political and conscious hip-hop is still out there but what’s pushed is anything but socially relevant. JoJo Pellegrino says one doesn’t have to be in the dark about what’s going on in the world, your country, and your immediate circle, but at least be aware. “Pretend” is that track, please share.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: JoJo Pellegrino’s “Led Shower”

JoJo entering the power of the Zoso…

JoJo Pellegrino has a brand new track produced by J. Glaze, and for this one they embrace Led Zeppelin’s (untitled 4th album) and do something more than just sample “When The Levee Breaks”. They go for “Black Dog” with the almighty “Led Shower”, and it also has him honoring the late Chris Lighty. Now climb a mountain and grab that lantern.

VIDEO: JoJo Pellegrino’s “Warpath”

Machinegun Pelly is the forthcoming album from JoJo Pellegrino and this is just a mere gateway to it. Merely.